Four Tips for Organizing Business Trips In Singapore

Organizing a business trip is very different from planning a vacation. You may think the process is the same – booking flights, hotel stays, and planning what to do when you have some time off – the issue is that when you book a personal trip, you are not in a position to disappoint an entire organization if something goes wrong. Every aspect of a business trip must go flawlessly, especially if you visit another country for a conference, seminar, or to meet with clients and close a deal. Below is our guide that outlines four tips to help ensure that any business trip you organize in and around Singapore is successful.

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1. Plan Early

The best way to avoid any issues for a business trip is to plan everything ahead of time. Trying to book tickets at the last minute or change hotel reservations within days of leaving is not a recipe for success.

Most experts believe booking flights a few weeks in advance is the best way to get a good deal. If you are traveling for a prominent conference or seminar, even if you are going to a big city, you should book even earlier. Since many people will be traveling over those days for the same reason, flights and hotels become more expensive if you do not book two or three months ahead.

Taking a private jet may be better than flying commercially if you foresee needing to make last-minute adjustments. Chartering a plane gives you the advantage of being on your schedule instead of rushing to the airport to catch a commercial flight.

2. Stick to a Schedule

Planning a business trip is beneficial to ensuring everything is a smooth and seamless experience. Changing the itinerary at the last moment should only happen due to emergencies or unforeseen events. Plan out how many days you will spend in a specific city, who among the company will travel, and what business-related events or meetings you will attend.

Having a schedule in mind will also help you determine if there are any hours to explore the cities you visit. If you are traveling to Singapore, there are so many interesting and charming neighborhoods you can see, not to mention the many tourist attractions every first-time visitor should experience. 

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3. Benefit From Hotel Rewards

Having a favorite hotel chain is very beneficial when you travel frequently for business. You may think that always booking the cheapest hotel rooms is the way to save money, but that is different when you travel often.

Sticking to a single group of hotels gives your business a chance to leverage rewards points and freebies. Since everything goes on the company card, ensure that your business matches the hotel chain with a credit card that offers the best rewards for that hotel group. 

Even if you pay slightly higher prices for hotel rooms during one or two trips, you will come out ahead of time. There may be occasions where your entire stay is free, or you get a heavily discounted rate, thanks to rewards points.

Always staying with the same chain is also helpful in being comfortable when you arrive at a destination. Rather than being in an unfamiliar setting, you are arriving at your home away from home.

4. Make New Connections

A commercial trip around Asia is a chance to make new connections and form business relationships that last a lifetime. Whether attending a conference or seminar, meeting clients, or engaging in possible merger talks, you will likely meet many important and influential people in your field. 

Be sure to take and give as many business cards as possible, talk up your work at your business, organically promote your company, and put your best foot forward during all work-related events. Whenever you need to extend your meeting and need a place to store your luggage, find out Singapore Luggage storage service to ease your plan. Even if you are going out to a restaurant or bar with clients, make a positive impression and ensure that your name is one they always remember for the right reasons.

You may only sometimes get these opportunities to meet with important decision-makers within your industry. Take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. Make connections with the mindset that you may never get to meet that person again. 

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Traveling through Singapore for business is always a pleasant experience. With a state-of-the-art airport and an immaculate and well-run city, Singapore welcomes travelers from around Asia and the rest of the world. If you plan a business trip to another country in Asia, the Middle East, or Australia, the above tips will ensure your trip is a resounding success. Not only will your business save money, but everyone going on the trip will have a productive and enjoyable experience.

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