10 South Jersey Bathroom Remodeling Trends You Should Know About

If you’re planning to remodel a bathroom in our South Jersey home, it’s a great idea to look into some interior design trends in the city. When it comes to bathroom remodeling projects, South Jersey has trends like coastal accents, open floor plans, sustainable materials, and freestanding vanities. 

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Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours researching to find out all the current interior design trends you should include in your remodel. We’ve compiled a list of the top ten bathroom remodeling trends that have been sweeping the South Jersey market lately. 

Keep reading so you can find out exactly what to tell your remodeling contractor before the project starts.

1. Incorporating Coastal Vibes

Since South Jersey is a coastal location, the beach influences the interior designs of the region’s home greatly. For example, the coastal color palette comes up quite often in bathroom redesign projects. That includes beautiful, calming blues and sandy neutrals. Combine that with pearly white tiles, and you’ve got the perfect coastal-inspired bathroom. These beachy vibes also show up in the form of natural materials, such as whitewashed wood cabinets, sea glass accents, and driftwood-inspired vanities. You can also add oceanic accents such as seashell-shaped soap dishes, coastal artwork, nautical-themed shower curtains, and beachy murals. Infusing personality into your new bathroom space has never looked better!

2. Luxurious Spa-Like Retreats

Another South Jersey bathroom remodeling trend to consider is the inclusion of spa-like features into your bathroom. Homeowners in South Jersey prefer their bathrooms to be an oasis of relaxation and comfort. And you can achieve the same by opting for a soft and neutral color palette for a tranquil ambiance. Muted grays, calming blues, and earthy tones can be the perfect shades for your walls and furniture. You can also add rain showers to your bathroom, as they’re the epitome of a luxurious and immersive bathroom experience. Freestanding tubs also add a similar touch of elegance and opulence. 

3. Smart Technology Integration

In South Jersey, the evolution of bathroom remodeling extends into the realm of smart technology. That means making your bathroom a more convenient and functional space with the help of tech. You can even add tech-infused fixtures like smart showers and accessories to simplify daily rituals. Smart mirrors are another great example in this case. Other than that, touchless faucets aren’t just a way to enhance your space, but they also help improve hygiene. You can make your bathroom even more tech-savvy by adding voice-activated controls with the help of Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

4. Natural and Sustainable Materials

Natural and sustainable materials are a big bathroom remodeling trend in South Jersey. If you’re hoping to get in line with environmentally friendly living, this is a great way to add an earthy charm to your bathroom space. That includes bamboo vanities, flooring, or even decorative elements that suit the region’s coastal theme perfectly. You can also give reclaimed wood a second life by turning it into vanities, shelving, and accents. We also recommend opting for low-VOC paints since they emit fewer pathogens and harmful chemicals into the air and are available in tons of colors and finishes.

5. Open and Airy Designs

The trendiest bathrooms in South Regions have open and airy floor plans. It’s all about embracing the space you have and making the most of it. That may sound like you should fit as much furniture and fixtures into the space as possible, but that’s not the case. In reality, it’s about finding the best way to get the storage you need while taking up as little space as possible. If it’s in your budget, we highly recommend adding a larger window to make your bathroom appear more airy. 

6. Bold Statement Tiles

Once you’ve made your bathroom look airy, open, and simple, it’s time to add a statement. The best way to do that is with bold, eye-catching tiles, which is a huge trend in the region. Look for patterns that pop, like geometric designs, intricate mosaics, and vibrant motifs. You can add them as shower walls, backsplashes, or even the whole floor. We also recommend herringbone and chevron patterns. Other than that, bold color choices are a great way to make a statement. In South Jersey, deep blues, emerald greens, and rich burgundies are common choices. 

7. Freestanding Vanities

Another elegant trend to incorporate into your bathroom space is a freestanding vanity. They add the perfect sleek and minimalistic touch to the room without taking up too much space. Plus, they align with a previously-mentioned bathroom remodeling trend since many of them are available in luxurious, natural materials like marble and quartz. They’re durable, classy, and evergreen. The best part? Freestanding vanities are incredibly versatile when it comes to design choices, so there’s something for everyone! Whether you prefer traditional, transitional, or ultra-modern, you’ll find a freestanding vanity that suits your preferences and bathroom space. 

8. Underfloor Heating

Now, here’s a bathroom remodeling trend anyone can get behind! Underfloor heating is a huge trend in South Jersey bathrooms, not just because it’s convenient but also because it’s energy-efficient! Who doesn’t love the feeling of stepping out of a shower to a warm, welcoming floor that doesn’t interrupt your serene and relaxed vibes? They’re especially ideal in the winter when you want your route from the shower to your bed to be as warm as possible. Compared to traditional cooling or heating methods, underfloor heating is a much more energy-efficient option to consider. 

9. Accessible Bathrooms

Above all, your new bathroom should be accessible. Not only is it great for family members with disabilities or mobility issues, but it also makes your guests feel welcome and accepted when they enter your home. You can make your bathroom more accessible with the help of strategically placed handrails, lower fixtures, walk-in showers or bathtubs, and wheelchair-friendly doorways.

10. Maximizing Storage Solutions

A good bathroom has enough storage solutions to hold all your toiletries and other necessities without overcrowding the space. We recommend opting for space-saving storage solutions such as cupboards built into the wall, wall-hung shelves to utilize vertical space, etc. 


In the realm of South Jersey bathroom remodeling, contractors tend to combine innovation, functionality, accessibility, and style. Now that you’ve read our list, you know exactly how to style your new bathroom according to the latest trends in the region. 

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