Things to Know Before Gifting Flowers

There is no denying the fact that flowers make up a go-to gift for literally every occasion. They convey love, appreciation, sympathy and joy without the need for words. Besides, whether you are planning to propose to your partner or wish your sister a very happy birthday, there is no dearth of floral options to choose from. 

However, before you walk into a store and pick the very first bouquet you see, there are some things you ought to consider. In this post, we take you over everything you should know before buying flowers as a gift. 

Know the Recipient's Preference

The very first step is to consider the recipient’s tastes and preferences. People are quite particular about their favourite flowers; their colour and style. When you reflect upon these thoughts, you will be able to make the gift more meaningful and thoughtful.

For example, if you're gifting flowers to a friend who adores sunflowers, choosing a vibrant arrangement will instantly brighten their day. Easy-peasy, right? 

Consider the Relationship

How well do you know the person you are giving flowers to? Like, if you are gifting flowers to your lover, a bouquet of red roses or pink lilies would be more appropriate, whereas a bouquet of gerbera daisies would be perfect to delight your mentor on Teacher’s Day. Thus, it is important to consider your connection with the person you are sending flowers to. You can also tweak the flower arrangement by adding balloons, chocolates or any other delights for a more personal touch.

Know the Meaning of Flowers

You would be well aware of the fact that different flowers convey different sentiments. Therefore, you cannot mindlessly send any kind of flower to your dear ones. It is crucial to understand the meanings behind each arrangement to add depth and significance to your gift. For instance, red roses symbolise passionate love, yellow roses represent friendship whereas a bouquet of white lilies conveys sympathy and support during difficult times. So, think about the message you want to convey and pick the blooms accordingly to make your feelings come straight from the heart.

Consider the Setting/Occasion

Be aware of the occasion as it greatly influences the choice of flowers. Whether you are going for a birthday party, anniversary or graduation, choose the blooms carefully. For instance, when gifting for a romantic date, red roses will set the mood perfectly. However, if you're congratulating a colleague on a professional achievement, an orchid or tulip bouquet might be better suited.

Know the Reputation of the Provider

When choosing the right florist in Singapore, Malaysia or wherever your loved ones reside, do a thorough research and background check. Look for reviews and ratings, ask for recommendations and get an idea of whether the florist sources fresh, high-quality flowers. Picking a reliable offline or online florist ensures your bouquet will be well put and delivered on time, which is especially important for surprise deliveries or important occasions. Also, check whether the chosen florist offers multiple delivery services such as same-day, midnight and fixed-time. This comes in handy when you want to make their day highly memorable. After all, timing is everything!

Take Your Budget Into Account

Flower arrangements come with a hefty tag! Though there are options available for every budget, one should definitely consider his/her pocket before buying one. By determining your spending limit in advance, you can find a bouquet that meets your financial constraints while still delivering the desired impact. Based on what your pocket allows, you can consider a smaller arrangement or luxurious bouquet with premium blooms.

There’s a lot more to gifting flowers than what meets the eye. By following these simple pointers, you will be able to make your flower-giving experience more meaningful. So, go ahead, check the aforementioned boxes and spread joy & warmth to your loved one’s day. 

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