6 Security Accessories for Protecting Your Valuables While Traveling

Traveling can be exciting, stressful and sometimes scary if you have valuables with you. You need to protect yourself, your family, and your travel companions as well as any "treasures" you take with you or acquire while on your trip. 

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6 Security Accessories for Protecting Your Valuables While Traveling
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There are many different types of travel protection gadgets and hacks that help you travel with your valuables in a confident manner. For more information, check out sanetraveller. 

Here are 6 security accessories for protecting your valuables while traveling: 

1. Hotel Safe 

First, make use of your hotel's safe. There could be a small one in your room, which has a personal combination that changes with each new guest. There are also safety deposit style boxes in some hotels, typically located in a room behind the front desk or in another secure location. Take advantage of these types of places to keep your valuables, as well as your passport and money. 

2. Theft-Proof Bags 

Invest in a theft-proof bag before you leave on your trip. These bags are designed with several security features to ensure your bag stays with you. Most are made with cut-resistant fabric, as well as lockable zippers. You only need to keep the bag with you, or on your body, to make sure no one can get to the valuables inside. 

3. RFID-Blocking 

Today, cyber hacking is a big business. Scammers don't even have to have physical custody of your credit card to gain access to your information and drain your accounts. There are machines that can 'read' your credit card's encoded strip from several yards away. The criminal doesn't even have to bump into you like years ago. 

Investing in a wallet and/or backpack that is made with RFID-blocking is the best way to protect your credit and debit cards. The special material helps block any type of radio wave that could copy and steal the embedded information. 

4. Wearable Secure Clothing 

There are many different styles of wearable clothing with secure and hidden pockets. One popular style has only one pocket, so the number of valuables to hide on you are limited to money and a phone or passport. Scarves and belts are included in this category of clothing. Other types have many pockets and include a vest or jacket which contains many different hidden pockets. 

5. Secure Undergarments 

This type of clothing includes bras, cameos, and underwear with secret pockets that allow you to hide a small amount of cash or your cell phone. Opting for this type of secure hiding space limits you to what you can carry with you, and on your person. This type of garment would be good for hiking or other short trips where a bag is not a convenient carry-on. 

6. Travel Insurance 

Perhaps the most secure way to protect yourself and your valuables is to do so before you leave. Investing in travel insurance is the best way to ensure you will be reimbursed if anything were to get lost or stolen during your travel. Things happen, no matter how safe you are, or how much you plan, and insurance is the best defense against unexpected incidents. 

Being prepared to protect yourself and your valuables is the best way to safely travel.

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