What People Who Are Looking At Singapore PR Status Should Know

Singapore’s permanent residence status is very popular with people, because not only does it offer lots of benefits to those who apply for it successfully, but it also does not require the person to give up his or her current citizenship. That is why you see many people around the world, including Malaysians and more who still maintain their current citizenship but hold a Singapore PR status. If you are one of those who also want to apply for a Singapore PR eventually, then this explains more on why you should do it as soon as possible.

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Nonetheless, here are some things that people who want to get a Singapore permanent residence needs to know so that their application has the highest chances of success!

Firstly, be thorough when it comes to your application. You would be surprised how many people try to skip submitting some documents because they think it is not important, but it is asked by the application form. Because the amount of Singapore PR status approved yearly has reduced, it is getting more competitive to get it now versus 10 years or more ago, and so you have to be absolutely comprehensive. Even if you think a particular piece of supporting document is not important and that the Immigration Checkpoints Authority of Singapore is not going to look at it, source it, and include it in your submission if it is asked for in the PR application form.

Secondly, before you apply, always keep in mind that the officers at ICA are trying to approve of people who show a genuine interest in wanting to live long term in Singapore, and are more than capable of providing for themselves financially. Once you understand this point, you will quickly know why people who job hop, have low or very unstable income, or whose profile appears as though they only intend to be in SG for a few years to work before leaving for goodwill almost always get rejected for PR status. 

This means, try your very best not to job hop, and if you must change jobs, make sure that you are moving to a much better position with a much better income at an even more established company. Also, if you have just literally gotten your job and employment pass approved in Singapore, but not yet even migrated to SG to start your work, wait! While there are always exceptional cases of approvals, almost all of such cases are way too premature to try to apply to be a permanent resident.

Thirdly, at the end of the day, the applicant’s declared income to the Singapore government is definitely a big factor in approval or rejection. While the government has under pressure of the people decided to look at more than an applicant’s income to approve of new permanent residents, income is still a big factor. 

If your other factors are perfect, but your income level is too low, and the year that you apply happens to have lots of equally comprehensive applicants but with far higher income, it is tough to get your application approved. Everything is relative to the other PR applicants for that year that you apply too. 

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