9 Bloggers Who Will Inspire Your Capsule Wardrobe

While we believe it’s every girl’s dream to have a closet full of fabulous garments for every occasion, there’s a new trend in fashion that aims to minimize the closet while maximizing endless outfit possibilities. The capsule wardrobe was created by Susie Faux, a London-based boutique owner who believed in creating stylish outfits with a few essential staple pieces and accenting those staple looks with seasonal garments. The idea is that your wardrobe would be made up of staple garments like a pair of jeans, black pants, a sweater, a tank top, a T-shirt, a little black dress, a blazer and a few outerwear pieces like a jean jacket. All of these garments are usually solid-colored and neutral so they can be mixed and matched countless times and paired with seasonal statement pieces. The capsule wardrobe aims to simplify getting ready in the morning and prevent consumers from filling their closet with clothes they will never wear.

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The capsule wardrobe has gained popularity as the minimalist movement has gained steam, as well as the increased interest in consumers wanting to shift away from fast fashion and into more sustainable clothing practices. But just because the capsule wardrobe practices minimalism, that doesn’t mean that a capsule collection lacks style and beauty. 

Here to guide you in all things capsule wardrobe are influencers who have dedicated their style game to the capsule ways. Whether you are just learning about capsule wardrobes for the first time and you’re looking to take the plunge in creating your own or you want some inspiration so you can spice up your current wardrobe, these bloggers will enlighten you. 

Devinne Stevens, The Petite Closet

Devinne is the petite fashionista behind The Petite Closet fashion blog. She is passionate about creating a capsule wardrobe that seamlessly weaves in the latest trends to her effortlessly chic and classic ensembles. If you’re looking for the latest insight on how to create a capsule wardrobe for a petite figure, check out her brand new Fall 2020 Capsule Wardrobe. 

Deb Shepherd, Clothed in Abundance

If you’re just now embarking on creating a capsule wardrobe, you will want to follow Deb Shepherd of the blog Clothed in Abundance. Not only will Deb show you the ins and outs of filling your closet with classic, high-quality and sustainable pieces, but she also provides information on the financial and environmental impact of capsule collections. Deb also talks about living a minimalist lifestyle, so if your desire for a capsule wardrobe falls in line with minimalism, let Deb be your guide. 

Curvy Capsules

The blog Curvy Capsules was created by Ginny, Heather, Hope and Charity, four curvy sisters who always struggled with finding well-fitting clothing that fell in line with the capsule wardrobes they wanted to create. If you’re curvy and you’re looking for fun spirits to lead you through your capsule journey, you’ll want to check out the Curvy Capsules fashion blog. 

Caroline Joy, Unfancy

If you find yourself drowning in your closet and want to find ways to shrink the amount of clothing you have hanging up while boosting the outfit possibilities, Caroline Joy of Unfancy could definitely help you! Are you someone who strays away from bold colors and loves creating monochromatic outfits composed of neutral colors? If so, you’ll love Caroline’s eclectic neutral style. 

Candice Tay

Are you a city girl looking to lead a more sustainable and minimalist life? It can be difficult to live in a hustling and bustling city while implementing more minimal practices into your lifestle, but Candice Tay does it effortlessly. Follow her for the ultimate capsule collection inspiration and an inside look at how this city girl makes the most of her capsule outfits.

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If you thought capsule wardrobes were made up of new, high-quality pieces, you’re half right. Abolaji shows Instagram that capsule wardrobes can be composed of thrifted, secondhand pieces. Abolaji’s eclectic style puts a bold spin on the common capsule wardrobe with daring styles and the occasional bold color or print. 

Paty Pats, Latina.Minimalista

If you’re a fashionista who loves bold colors and patterns and couldn’t fathom switching to a more simplified and neutral color palette, you’ll want to befriend and follow Latina.Minimalista on Instagram. Paty Pats brings striking colors and patterns to her capsule wardrobe in a way that’s really refreshing and smart. Not only will you enjoy her daily outfit pictures, but she also makes very helpful and visually-appealing capsule collection collages. 

Allison Karaba, The Thoughtful Closet

Are you in a climate that requires you to layer? If so, you’re going to love The Thoughtful Closet. Allison Karaba thoughtfully layers her way through a wardrobe made up of vintage, secondhand and ethically-produced clothing. From neutral looks to bold pops of burnt orange, Allison’s wardrobe feels cool and cozy.

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Shelbi of Shelbizleee is a plant-based and zero waste blogger who has a unique approach to the capsule wardrobe. Not only does she talk about her journey through the above on her blog and Instagram, but she also shares more about beauty and fashion on her YouTube Channel. 

So, what are your thoughts on the capsule wardrobe? If you’re thinking about overhauling your closet to make room for a capsule wardrobe, patience is key! It may take some time to fully convert your lifestyle, but the capsule collection is where it’s at. No matter where you are on your journey, good luck!

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