5 Things That Your Dog Might Not Let You Do Easily

Before you get a pet, or just after your home got four extra legs, there might be some things you saw, heard, or picked up. For example, your dog might not be all that excited when you try and do certain, necessary things. Yup, they do have character and some of them can be pretty stubborn about things that they like and don’t like. You know, there’s always a way out of this. Just promise your dogs a treat if they be good and all canines should submit to your divine promise. But what are those things that could require tasty bribes? Here’s five.

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1. Put on a collar

It can take time until your dog allows you to put on a collar. It seems like dogs are instinctively very protective of their necks. What you can do is: aforementioned treats, giving them the cold shoulder, finding the absolutely right fit or distracting them with something else while you put on the collar. You can also go for invisible fencing for dogs in this regard.

The first two times, give them a treat but don’t do that too often because you’ll form a habit and he or she will be expecting a snack every time.

2. Brush their teeth

Not all, but definitely a significant part of pups will scamper and whine if you try to put a toothbrush in their mouth. The best workaround is to merely give them a chew toy which actually is a toothbrush. Even though it won’t do the thorough-most job, you can use it as a side-option while you try and curb your dog’s hatred towards brushing their teeth.

If every possible approach fails, you can also use gauze or dental wipes. They are working alternatives, just not as effective as a finger or regular toothbrushes.

3. Cut their nails

If you’re wondering what to do if my dog won't let me cut his nails, you could click on the link and read an interesting in-depth article/guide from OurPetsMag which thoroughly describes why dogs aren’t willing to allow you to cut their nails and what can you do to overcome this obstacle.

In short, we’ll just say that this might require a sedative because precision is super important here.

4. Cut their hair

The most common reason why dogs are afraid of hair trimming and cutting is because trimming machines make loud noises and vibrate which naturally causes anxiety in the dog. What you can do in this case is merely turn on the device and leave it be for a while so the dog can hear it and get used to it. Don’t pick it up and start trimming right away. Otherwise, if you’re using scissors, it can be that you’re being too harsh and they feel some pain. Try and be gentler.

5. Touch them

Young pups or dogs that have been adopted from shelters may haven’t yet had the chance to socialise and get used to their new environment or have severe trust issues, respectively. What you can do is play it slow. Lure them in with occasional treats and try to pet them more and more every time they pick it up. Start of with a gentle pat and after a week or so, you should be able to fully immerse yourselves in the fluffy fur.

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