The Different Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers

Enjoying your weed has never been better with vaping. Drawing from vaporizers for dry herbs allows you to indulge in your product without having the irritation of smoke and carcinogens entering your lungs, having to use bowls and joints, and having to eat edibles. Vaporizers heat the product from your oven or chamber and turn it into vapour. This makes using it less odorful, together with the drag being smoother. You just load them with your product, heat it up with your pen or vaporizer, and take a hit.

The Different Types of Dry Herb Vaporizers
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Although vaporizers work the same way since they have the same components: batteries, chambers or ovens, and mouthpieces, there are still different kinds of dry herbs vaporizer available in the market with different features such as a pre-loadable ovens vape that allows you to be readily packed anytime and enables you to switch from one product to another or a preloaded oven on-the-go.

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If you’ve never owned one and are just planning to purchase your vaporizer, you may get overwhelmed with the choices you have. Thus, you have to know and understand the different types of vaporizers there are and what they can provide you. Some of the differences you have to compare are from portable vs desktop, convection vs conduction vs induction, and session vs on-demand vaporizers. 


Portable dry herbs vaporizers are vaporizers that are suitable to be brought on-the-go. It can come as a pen or at a size that can more or less befitting for your pocket or your purse. It is more portable than other vaporizers and is easier to be used and held in one hand. Portable dry herbs vaporizers are the most commonly available and purchased type of vaporizer since they provide convenience for people who want to use them whenever they want.


Desktop vaporizers are the polar opposite of portable vaporizers. They are large in size which makes them not travel-friendly as they are designed to be specifically used at home. The advantages of desktop vaporizers are being more powerful than other vaporizers with inhalation methods such as whips and balloon bags. The vaping experience you get from desktop vaporizers is more potent and powerful. However, most people prefer vaporizers that can be brought anywhere, not to mention the expensive price of vaporizers. 


Session vaporizers are portable vaporizers as well, and these are the most commonly bought dry herb vaporizers. You simply load your oven, turn on the vape for heating, set the perfect temperature for you and your product, and take a hit until the weed is all used up.


Contrary to session vaporizers, you don’t have to inhale the weed in one session until it is extinguished. On-demand vaporizers mean you can take a hit whenever you want to. You can just turn your vaporizer off even after drawing a single hit and use it again later if you feel the need to or whenever you’re ready for another one. On-demand vaporizers have special heating methods that enable them to heat up and cool down easily and very quickly. However, this comes with a hefty price.

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