10 Traits of Successful Beauty Salons

Not All Salons Are Created Equal. Finding an amazing beauty salon can truly be like finding a diamond in the rough. With so many salons to choose from in most major cities, it can feel overwhelming trying to find a cosmetologist and a salon that you trust.  Investing in professional beauty services offered by salons like beautyandnailsmobile.com.au would be best as they understand various skin types and conditions and know what products to use. Building a relationship with a trusted cosmetologist can be a game-changer for your overall beauty regimen. 

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10 Traits of Successful Beauty Salons
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Below, we share 10 traits to look for in a quality beauty salon. 

Clients are treated well.

In any business, and particularly at a beauty salon, it should truly be about the customer. Customers in the salon should feel happy, and should leave feeling refreshed and pampered. Happy clients often mean repeat business, so check out the vibe when you visit a salon to see if the customers seem happy. There’s a lot of competition out there, so any good salon knows that customers need to leave 100% satisfied - otherwise, it’s very easy for them to go elsewhere. A high-quality beauty salon will go out of their way to build relationships and make clients feel special. 

They’re on top of the latest trends.

Beauty trends are changing by the minute. Make sure the salon you choose keeps up with the times. Good indicators of a salon that’s “with it” are the equipment and tools they use, the products they stock (Are they trendy, modern brands?), the magazines they stock in the waiting room (Are they recent, or from three years ago?), and the marketing tactics they use (What social channels are they on? What kind of content do they post?). 

Does a salon still send out paper postcards and flyers, or do they opt for better technology, such as email and text alerts? Can you book your appointments online, or do you have to physically call? Are their stylists all well-educated on the latest colors, cuts, and styles? You should always take the time to explore a salon’s willingness to keep up with the latest trends and technology. 

Everything is clean.

You wouldn’t feel good walking into a beauty salon and having to step all over someone else’s mess. It may sound obvious, but make sure the salon you’re visiting is clean. Make sure the stylists are cleaning their area, tools, and chair before seating the next client. Hair should be dusted off of surfaces and swept completely away from each individual work area. Tools should be properly sanitized and put back in their place (or new tools should be used while the others are being cleaned). And in today’s world of COVID, the stylists should all be disinfecting surfaces, as well as washing their own hands between each client. 

The stylists are personable.

A good stylist gets to know their clients by asking them questions about themselves. Make it your mission to pay extra attention to how chatty each stylist is, and take note of what they’re talking about with their clients. Obviously, some clients are going to be more shy and reserved, but a good stylist will still try to keep a conversation going with them. If a stylist spends a long time working in silence, and makes no effort to get a conversation going, this could be a red flag. As many of you know, chatting it up at the beauty salon is part of the experience! 

You should also pay attention to how much the stylist is talking. Is it a one-way conversation? It’s never quite as fun when someone else is doing all the talking. Also be sure the stylist isn’t getting distracted by the conversation they’re having, or getting pulled into conversations with other stylists. The focus should always be on the customer. Good stylists know how to lead a balanced conversation throughout each appointment, and should even take the time to build genuine friendships. 

They’re solid financially.

It’s hard to tell how a salon tracks their finances, but there are a few things to consider. Does the salon set their prices so they’re even across the board, or do they let each individual stylist choose their rates? Is that clearly explained on their website, or is it explained to you when you arrive? Do their prices change frequently? Do they seem to be unorganized when it comes to running and processing payments? These could all be red flags that something needs to be addressed with their internal processes. 

Their employees are happy and well-trained.

Happy employees can make or break a business, and this is certainly true for salons. Beauty salons with unhappy employees will likely experience drama and high turnover. You don’t want to be seeing a different stylist every time you visit, do you? 

A good salon will also make sure their employees are well-trained. Every single stylist should have graduated from an accredited cosmetology school and should have plenty of hours under their belts (each state requires a certain number of training hours before an aspiring cosmetologist can even take their licensing exam). 

If you’re not sure about a stylist’s credentials, look for something like “cosmetology school near me” on the internet and see if the place where they received their training shows up. If you can’t find it anywhere, that could be another red flag.

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