The Changing Styles of Doors Over Time

The styles, and certainly prices, of houses have changed drastically over the years and so it makes sense that the items within them have changed too. Formica work surfaces and bold coloured bathroom suites are just two elements that have faded out of fashion in more recent decades – perhaps with good reason! But there are so many other changes which occur in homes over the years and this, of course, happens with internal doors too. Internal doors play much more of a role than you might realize in the overall look and finish of your home so getting them right is crucial. Let’s take a look at some doors of the past and what you can get today…

The Changing Styles of Doors Over Time
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Modern doors

There are many types of contemporary doors now available, from sleek designs and chic finishes but one of the most popular is internal glazed doors for lighting. This is simply owing to the fact that they allow so much natural light to circulate around your home, whilst still offering privacy and sound-proofing too. They are a stylish addition to any home as there are variations to suit all finishes.

It really can be up to you as to what style of door you want in your home. From classic and traditional to modern, there are so many available that can work in any space and are all available online in replica form at affordable prices. 

Georgian doors

One of the earliest door styles which is style wildly popular today is Georgian doors. Their six-panelled finish was the precursor to the Victorian four-panel style and still today can look stylish in all manner of homes. If your budget won’t extend to originals, you can buy imitation ones for a reasonable price easily online.

Victorian doors

One of the most popular style eras was the Victorian times as so many beautiful accoutrements adorned homes which can look great today if maintained, restored or mimicked well enough! Regardless of house grandeur, the doors remained the same – from stately homes, to workers’ cottages – and were four panel in design. Learn more about them here. You can still buy Victorian doors, whether they be original or imitation – the imitation can be great value for money!

Art Deco doors

The 1930s were a time of bold styles and these translated to the doors within the homes of the nation too. These were typically made up of a panel at the top and then three panels vertically beneath it and is standard and easy to identify from that era. There were more dramatic styles too, of course, including stark black and white ones in Greenwich style with glazing. Again, these styles are available today and are most easily sourced in a mock-style, replica rather than sourcing originals.

Concertinas and folding doors

The 1960s and 1970s were famous for all kinds of fashion trends and they of course extended beyond flares, into homes and into doors themselves. One of the most popular kinds of doors in this time period were those of concertina-style or folding doors. Whilst concertina doors are no longer widely used, they were highly useful by way of leaving extra space. Folding doors are still commonplace in various guises – to open up office space, to turn living spaces open plan and also in bi-fold format to open houses into outdoor areas for the indoor-outdoor experience. 

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