What Can Affect Your Working Memory?

What Can Affect Your Working Memory?

Everyone doesn’t acquire the same working memory, some people can retain data in brain for a long time, on the other hand, some will forget after a short time.

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What Can Affect Your Working Memory?

Here are the 3 types of memory:

• Sensory memory:

It’s a kind of memory in which an individual can retain impulses of sensory information instantly after the stimulus received.

For example, you are busy typing on your PC suddenly you come to feel a slight itching on any of your body part you will rub it and feel satisfied. We can say that it’s a process which completed in Nanoseconds.

Do you remember after two days where you felt itching?

No, because sensory memory will not remain in mind it will be gone after receiving the stimulus.

• Short term memory:

Short term memory will stay in your mind for 20 seconds. It will not be remembered by you after a few days or even after a few hours in fact.

For example, somebody gives you his address in which street, house and contact number is included, you will repeat it by yourself for 2 to 3 times. After writing it on any paper you will not be going to repeat it. Eventually, it will lose from your brain after a few hours. If you want to recall it again you have to revise it were you written this.
Some surveys suggested that after recalling the same line for many times it may store in your mind for a long time.

• Long term memory:

As the name tells that it’s a kind of memory which will be kept in mind for a long time and cannot be forgotten easily.

For instance, if you attended a wedding ceremony of your Sibling and after some years anybody comes to you and ask we met at that ceremony and you come to remember yes we already met.

So this will remain in your brain until you suffer any working memory loss or brain injury etc.

What causes working memory loss and forgetfulness? Following are some reasons why people suffer working memory shortage.

• Deficiency of vitamin B-12
• Anxiety and depression
 Brain disorder
• Usage of drugs or health supplements for a long time
 Not paying concentration on what’s going around
 Disorder of the thyroid gland

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