10 Creatives Scroll Saw Patterns to Decorate Your Home With

10 Creatives Scroll Saw Patterns to Decorate Your Home With

If you're looking for a fun and different art project to get creative with then look no further than the art of woodworking! Woodworking is a time-honored form of artwork that has been used by many societies around the world for a long time. That being said, however, woodwork art is still popular to this day by both the artists who create these stunning decorations to the buyers who eagerly want to purchase these gorgeous masterpieces. They're easy on the eyes, most especially when display along with your favorite plants in your garden. Decorating your garden with woodwork art will give it a more sophisticated ambiance. For your buying guide on the best woodworking tools and garden tools, just head over to BestOfMachinery tool review site to help you find what you need.

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One sub-genre of the woodworking art form that has recently been trending is the art of the scroll saw patterns. These patterns are easy to make whether you have experience in woodworking or not. But for that you need a scroll saw. If you don’t have one, you can read some reviews of scroll saws and buy one.  

Likewise, these wood carving patterns are cheap and quick to make too. The most important aspect, however, of these scroll saw projects is that they are gorgeous! So, if you're looking to do something artistic try out this art form. You can get started with these 10 creatives scroll saw patterns to decorate your home with.

Picnic Baskets

Let’s face the truth. Everyone always has a bunch of random and loose objects that are lying everywhere in their home and is creating a huge mess. Why not clean up this clutter by putting it in a beautiful basket that you made yourself using a scroll saw? You can make your scroll saw pattern basket as big or as small as you want and you can hold anything inside of it.

Name Plaques
The most basic scroll saw project that you can make is plaque. Plaques are typically a flat medium, such as wood in this case, that often has a description or design etched onto them. You can hang a plaque up on a wall or you can place a plaque on the floor either lying down or propped up against something such as a wall or a tree. 

Plaques can have any design etched or painted onto them. Likewise, plaques can be as big or as small as you want them to be. Due to these facts, a plaque can be a very personal item in your home. As a result, a scroll saw project plaque is an excellent beginner project if you’re new to the art of woodworking. 

Christmas tree ornaments

Not only is a Christmas tree ornaments a stunning way to decorate your home for the holidays, but they can also be fantastic gifts to give to family and friends as well! You should make your Christmas tree ornaments small and light, however, so that they do not weigh down and break your Christmas tree. Popular scroll saw Christmas patterns have a Christmas theme design such as sleds, snowflakes, reindeer, and more.

Picture frames

A classic use for wood is to use this medium to make a picture frame. This statement is no less true for the art of the scroll saw patterns. There are two main types of picture frames that you can create. The first form of a picture frame is the one in which you can hang on a wall. The second form of a picture frame is the one in which you can place on a table, nightstand, desk or any flat surface that you have in your home.

It is inexpensive and adds an element of sophistication as opposed to the more traditional photo in a frame. Another piece you can add as wall decor is a wall clock. You can choose from classy designs to modern ones. Visit the website for a variety perfect for every home decor theme. 


Who doesn’t love a beautiful birdhouse hanging in their garden? Birdhouse pattern projects are a great entryway project that you can do with minimum effort. These birdhouses from the scroll saw patterns should be small and light enough so that they can comfortably hang on whatever tree that you decide to put them on.

If you’re skilled with the art of clock mechanisms then you can combine it with the art of saw scroll patterns! All that you have to do is to inlay a clock inside of your scroll saw pattern form. Some popular scroll saw clock designs include wall clocks as well as grandfather clocks.

3D designs

Even though you might think that this saw scroll pattern seems hard, it's quite easy. To make a 3d pattern all that you need to do is to cut out multiple sized pieces of wood and attach them with the large pieces in the back and the smaller pieces in the front.  Popular 3d scroll saw designs include landscapes and nativity scenes.


Candles are a romantic addition to any room in your home and placing them in a beautiful holder will make them even better. However, you should only place candles that are already in jars in your candle holder to prevent fires and possible damage to your artwork.

Decorative plates
Decorative plate usually consists of one piece of wood with shapes cut out of it. This feature of this scroll saw project means that this craft is quick to make. Although you can't eat off of scroll saw pattern decorative plates, you can use them to display a variety of other items and decorate any table that you have in your home.

If you're looking to add a vintage yet elegant flair to your home, then scroll saw pattern cornets are the way to go. These corners can be placed in any door frame or corner in your home and are beautiful accents.

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