Take A Step Toward Empowering Women On This Raksha Bandhan!

Take A Step Toward Empowering Women On This Raksha Bandhan!

Living in a country of festivals, you always surrounded with the occasions and events. Some are dedicated to the God and Goddess, some to the religion and others to the legends. But there are very few festivals that are there to cherish the bonding of brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan is one of such auspicious festivals. And, everyone must be aware of the fact that the Rakhi festival is about to come. Keeping this in mind, online Rakhi stores have started various offers and services like Rakhi same day delivery service via which sisters can send Rakhi to their brothers who are dwelling in some other city and country in a hassle-free way.

Take A Step Toward Empowering Women On This Raksha Bandhan

We are living in a country that has always been synonyms to sovereignty, braveness, unity, love, and tradition. But, India as a country has failed to set a much-needed example of equality between males and females. 

Burgeoning violence for women in terms of molestation, rapes, kidnappings, eve-teasing, and many other forms are there in which the self-respect of females have always been crushed either on the name of honor or pride or the names of self-enjoyment. 

Is not this the right time to take a step towards it and stop all this? If yes, then on this Raksha Bandhan, take a resolution that being the superhero for your sister, you will let her fly high in the sky, you will let her be the one who she wants to be, also you will make her enough to fight with all the odd situations alone.

On this Raksha Bandhan, take initiative towards the women empowerment right from your home with these small steps:

1. Let her handle the situations on her own. She has the power to make her way. Be there to guide her, to correct her, to support her, to motivate her, but not to control her. Make her believe that she can do it and let her touch the sky.

2. Avoid such happening in your presence that involves body-shamming. She is perfect the way she is. Not only giving monetary gifts to her is the real Raksha Bandhan. Fill her with confidence and boost her life with positivity so that she can hold her head high with self-confidence.

3. Let her take her stand. She does not need anyone to cover her. She is complete within. Just stand behind her to hold her when she falls and to give her moral support that will make her strong from the mind.

4. The best gift that you can give to your sister on this Raksha Bandhan is respect. Respect her all aspects, respect her opinions, respect her passion, respect her views and let her know that she has all rights to be respected in the society. Teach her to take stand for her self-respect.

5. Be her support system, not a controlling machine. Make her believe that as a brother, you will always be there to correct her when she will make any mistake, you will let her pursue her dreams no matter what situation will be there. This will fill her with confidence and motivation to work and fight for her dreams.

6. We all are independent, right? Then, why women are deprived of this right? From starting, let your sister not be dependent on anyone for anything. Let her independently present her opinion, her thoughts, her votes, and her dreams.

She can make mistakes, but she knows that you are there to get her back and to correct her. But, at least she will take a step ahead in empowering herself. Give her chance, and she will prove that she is simply amazing.

With these steps, celebrate the women of your life, be it a sister, wife, daughter, or any other form and let them know that you are there to hold them whenever they will fall. This will no doubt be the best Rakhi Return gift that you can give her. Let her know that she is also of some importance to the family and to the nation as her brother or father or any other counterpart is.

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