Best Disney World Ticket Options

Best Disney World Ticket Options

If you ask any young kid where they’d rather be at that very instant, it’s a safe bet most would say Disney World. That’s not even the half of it; if you ask adults the same question, plenty will give you the same answer. There’s something about that place that brings out the best in people, old and young, and lets them feel innocent again. Disney World is a reminder to all of us why being young is probably the best thing in the world, and going there is just the experience of a lifetime whether it’s your first or 20th time. To get there though, you need to find the best ticket option, since you’ll probably be going quite a few times. To do that, you need to know the available options first.

Best Disney World Ticket Options
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One to ten-day tickets

Getting insight into the world of Disney ticketing can be rather complicated, so let’s start with the easiest. If you’re going to any time between a day and 10, you’re going to get a one-, two-, or three-day pass, and so on. 

Those have the best prices at the gates. That means there aren’t many discounts out there for those tickets, so it’s always best to pick those up at the gate of Disney World. If you’re planning on spending more time, it’s best not to get those tickets because they don’t come cheap and you won’t be able to revisit.

For those ticketing options, you have two buying choices. You can either select date-based tickets or flexible date ones. You need to understand the difference between those two cases so you could find the cheapest way to get Disney World tickets

The first option gives you the choice of selecting how many days you want to visit the park, and you have to specify the start date of the ticket which will also determine its expiry date. After that, you get to add other options like park-hopping and waterpark admissions. A flexible ticket, though, is different. You don’t need to specify a start date, and you can use your park days as you want over a period of 14 days.

Annual passes

There’s also the option of annual passes, which is great if you can afford it. This ticket provides unlimited use of all the major theme parks for one year, and it comes in different options –– each not going for less than $1,000. It’s definitely worth the price for the many options that come with it.

Going to Disney World is an experience everybody should try out at least once in their lifetime. It’s unlike anything else you’ve ever experienced or could experience in the future, and it will remind you why you’re alive. 

You should do some research to understand the different ticketing options for Disney World, and then try to find the best ticket option among all those so you can enjoy the different theme parks. Remember that you shouldn’t go and buy Disney World tickets from unreliable sites or sellers because it very well might turn out to be a scam.

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