Eight Things You Should Know Before Moving To Phoenix

Eight Things You Should Know Before Moving To Phoenix

If you’re looking to move to a city that won’t burn a hole in your pocket, then Phoenix is potentially the place to go. It’s important to research extensively before relocating to another area and find out what you’re in for. As the fifth-largest city in the United States, Phoenix has a lot to offer to both tourists and residents. 

Eight Things You Should Know Before Moving To Phoenix
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This famous desert city is an excellent place that caters to almost all of your tastes. But just in case you’re not persuaded yet, or you might fear taking the big leap with all of your belongings in tow, there are ways to make sure that Phoenix is it for you. 

Take a look at our Phoenix tips and leave the packing to the moving companies. Save the hassle of packing and worrying for the local Phoenix movers, they will literally pack all of your belongings, carefully transport them to your desired location and voilà. Just focus on enjoying your stay. Now that you are stress-free, here are eight things you should know before moving to Phoenix:

It has an active tech scene

When you think of a high-thriving tech area in the United States, the first thing that comes to mind is Silicon Valley. However, Phoenix’s tech scene, more commonly known as the Valley of the Sun, is known to attract a number of tech start-ups, too. Previously, the economy of Phoenix was well-known for its hardware companies, but now it is shifting towards tech as the number of web and software developers rises.

The growing tech hub is especially attractive for Silicon Valley companies that want to expand. In recent years, many Fortune 500 companies, such as Magellan Health, PetSmart, and Avnet, have opened their operations here and provided new employment opportunities. Overall, Phoenix is a highly intellectual  area to live where you’ll come across many hardworking professionals. Phoenix’s economy has dramatically reaped the benefits of this shift, and you could, too.

Every area is air-conditioned

One of the biggest concerns people have before moving to Phoenix is how one can stand the heat. As the hottest city in the United States and the temperature averaging at about 100 degrees during the summer and 70 during the winter, the weather is definitely something that needs to be considered. 

However, you would be relieved to know that the majority of the buildings in Phoenix are air-conditioned, ensuring the heat doesn’t get to you. Even Chase Fields, the baseball stadium in Phoenix and home to the Arizona Diamondbacks, has an AC and keeps you comfortable during the sweltering baseball season.

The Mexican food is to die for

Phoenix is one of the very few places in the United States where you’ll find Mexican food that truly doesn’t taste any different from authentic food found in Mexico. In fact, the abundance of Mexican food joints ensures you can try a new place every day of the week for a few months without running out of options. The city’s diversity is responsible for this culinary boom and some of the best options are La Santisima Gourmet Taco Shop, Chino Bandido, Los Reyes De La Torta, Barrio Cafe, Gallo Blanco, and Rokerji.

Phoenicians love playing golf

Golf is a popular sport in Phoenix and most people actually knock out a round first thing in the morning. There are approximately two hundred golf courses located all over Phoenix, which is famous for year-round playability and beautiful courses. The city also hosts the largest professional golf tournament of the PGA Tour - the Phoenix Open. If you’re already an avid golfer or are open to learning it, you can meet and bond over the sport with many people.

The best way to get around town is on two wheels

The best way to get around Phoenix is on wheels. While light rail and buses are available, the most efficient way to commute and explore the city is in a vehicle, whether it’s a bike or a car. Phoenix is not overpopulated as a city, and you could even bike to work, school, or the supermarket since the city is quite bike-friendly.

Phoenix has a happening life after sundown

Regardless of whether you’re into clubbing, line dancing, wining and dining, or you simply want to relax with a martini, you‘d be glad to know that Phoenix has an active nightlife. With a variety of dive bars, Broadway productions, nightclubs, lounges, and comedy clubs, there’s something for everyone to enjoy after sundown. Some of the most popular options in Phoenix if you’re looking for a fantastic drinking experience are Whiskey Bar and The Yard.

It’s easy to navigate in Phoenix

With a grid system, the city of Phoenix is easy to navigate, and you’ll be able to settle in and quickly learn the names once you move here. Named streets go from East to West while numbered streets go from North to South.

Phoenix is proud of its coffee scene

The people of Phoenix take great pride in their coffee scene, which is actually one of the best in the United States. With plenty of options ranging from posh cafés to kid-friendly coffee shops, you’ll undoubtedly find something that will please your taste buds.. With many options to choose from, the coffee scene in Phoenix is only going to grow.

As a city, Phoenix has plenty of areas and opportunities to offer its residents and the list above only scratches the surface of what you could find. If you’re considering moving here, this warm city is a great place to live in due to the employment opportunities and recreational activities that are sure to keep you busy and happy throughout the year.

Is there anything else a person should know before moving to Phoenix? Let us know in the comments below!

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