Water Flosser: What are the Benefits?

Water Flosser: What are the Benefits?

Most of us may have been told by our dentists to floss regularly. Even our parents and TV commercials have ingrained to us the importance of flossing. However, as with many regular and small things we do in life, we tend to put them off for another day. It’s when things go wrong that we realize the importance of those things. The same can be said about flossing. Ignoring or frequently putting off flossing can lead to a variety of dental problems and most of the time, it’s too late for us to realize it.

Water Flosser: What are the Benefits?
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Prevents Gum Inflammation

Using a water flosser is a great alternative to string floss. The water floss has a gentler way of getting between teeth without putting accidental pressure on the gums that sometimes happens when using string floss. Most people are uncomfortable with the sensation of scraping, pinching and pain caused by the string flosses. These can cause damage and swell to the gums. By using water to go through and around the teeth, you can avoid discomfort and gain healthy gums from the soothing and massaging effect of water.  However, if you've gum inflammation problems, be sure to visit this Dentist in Arlington for treatment.

Lowers Periodontitis Risk

Still related to the gums, periodontitis is a serious gum infection that damages the soft tissue and destroys the bone that supports your teeth. Also referred to as gum disease, periodontitis can cause teeth to loosen and lead to tooth loss. This is one of the most common dental diseases but is actually preventable. 

Poor dental hygiene is one of the major causes of this disease, but with the use of water flossers, you can prevent developing this disease or lower the chance it recurring once you developed the disease. Water flossers help get excess bacteria out of the mouth. Water pulses at the gums and between teeth, which applies water pressure beneath the gum line and in turn lower bacteria between the teeth and gums on a daily basis.

Effectively Cleans Around Braces

Having braces fit on your teeth can make flossing and brushing your teeth more effortful and difficult. Not only is it difficult to eat, but food can also be lodged anywhere when you eat. This all the more makes flossing important. You’re going to need more time and effort going around the metal bits if you are using string floss. 

With a water flosser, you’ll find flossing even with braces much easier. Using water, you can reach between your teeth and get around brace wires and brackets effectively. Water is also a great way of cleaning and keeping shiny the braces by removing food bits and washing gently from the brackets and wire.

Water Flosser: What are the Benefits?
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Easy to Use

Water flossers are easier to use than string flossers. No need for you to open your mouth so wide or twist your arms and fingers just to floss hard-to-reach areas in your mouth. Water flossers make life and dental hygiene easier, even for those with limited hand mobility or dexterity issues. With technology making more user-friendly features and giving you more choices, you need a reliable reference for product guides and reviews. 

According to an ultimate review of water flossers based on Amazon you need to get the best recommendations for water flossers from among the many product choices. The number 1 rated water flosser in this review is Waterpik Aquarius Professional, which is recommended by dentists and satisfied users. 

Quality, durability, versatility, and ease of use are just a few of the basic criteria when choosing your water flosser. Of course, each one of us has different dental features and needs so we need a product that can cover the oral hygiene needs of all our family members, which are more or less provided by water flossers. Even children can use water flossers because it is easy and safe to use. It’s also a great way of developing their flossing and dental hygiene habits.

Gives a Holistic Oral Hygiene

Because of a water flosser’s ease of usage and operability, even hard-to-reach places in your mouth, like molars are easily accessible. Compared with string flossers, these areas are difficult to reach and need extra effort and exertion. As a result, some areas in your mouth lag behind when it comes to hygiene and the overall health of your mouth is uneven. 

That is something the water flosser can remedy by giving even attention and care to all areas in your mouth. It’s also safe to use with braces and other dental implants and appliances. Water safely gets around all oral appliances and gets your mouth completely clean.

Innovation and technology have made things easier for us, even when it comes to flossing. With the many benefits of flossing, you’ll have to excuse to put it off for another day or totally ignore it. Oral hygiene and good dental health are essential to our well-being. Also, a good set of teeth and healthy gums can be assets that boost our confidence. So start that flossing habit now, and use a water flosser.


  1. I love using a water pik....My dentist says it made a pretty big difference in my gum health....

  2. I'm gonna pick water flosser I'm going crazy with water flossing situation now that I have braces.


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