Want to Maintain Youthful in a Unique Way? Here's How

Want to Maintain Youthful in a Unique Way? Here's How

Getting older is a daily habit and while age is just a number, sometimes the skin doesn’t entirely agree and tends to show signs of aging. Wrinkles, fine lines and marks on the skin are developments that happen as a person ages, but the good news is there are many ways to remain not only beautiful, but also leave your skin looking young and healthy.

How to Maintain Youthful in a Unique Way? Here's How
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Bioident identical hormone replacement therapy 

The hormone levels in the body are reduced with age leading to hormone deficiencies. With a lack of the production of certain hormones, signs and symptoms of premature aging occur. That’s where bioidentical hormone replacement therapy comes in handy. The body is injected with a replacement of hormones that it is no longer able to produce on its own, in order to fight the signs of aging and leave it looking a whole lot younger.

Reduce insulin levels in the blood

Foods high in sugar such as desserts, pastries, and carbohydrates can cause an increase in blood sugar and insulin. Eating these foods in moderation and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet filled with the right doses of nutrients the body needs, can help the insulin levels in the body become balanced. 

That way, the skin can look smooth and healthy as high insulin levels lead to wrinkles. High insulin levels also result in lack of sleep which prevents a much-needed beauty sleep. That’s why moderating the insulin levels can improve sleep and therefore leave the skin looking fair.

Consume more fat

Before you take this the wrong way, the fats you should be eating are the healthy kinds, such as that found in Omega 3.  Fatty acids help stabilize the mood, maintain bone strength, as well as reduce visible signs of aging by decreasing the inflammation in the body. This can be done by eating salmon, walnuts, avocados, seeds and many other healthy foods. Just be careful about how much you eat per day to avoid gaining weight.

Sleep with an extra pillow

Sleeping with an extra pillow elevates the head which works against gravity. This helps because as you sleep, gravity pulls fluid around the lower eyelids where the skin is soft causing under-eye puffiness. When the head is elevated, the bags are avoided and the puffiness is no longer a risk, removing signs of aging as the gravity drains the area around the eyes.


Exercising regularly can reduce stress levels and release endorphins in the brain that makes it more active. These muscles are also kept intact and avoid becoming saggy, improving posture and making the skin appear to be toned. Exercising not only improves health but also improves the overall appearance of a person’s body.

Aging doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but is something you can control just by taking care of your health and making sure that the hormones in your body are always balanced. That way, you will bid those wrinkles farewell, easily look a decade younger and maintain that youthful look and beauty.

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