The Current Trends in Bridal Gown Designs

The Current Trends in Bridal Gown Designs

So your significant other has popped the question and now you’re on a mission to find the perfect wedding gowns. Bridal fashion week ended in April but it gave blossoming brides-to-be a chance to view the latest trends that will be arriving soon.

The Current Trends in Bridal Gown Designs

If you have a passion for fashion, of course, you’d want use these bridal gown trends. And the wonderful part is if you live in Australia finding a reputable wedding gowns Melbourne based designer is easy.

There are many designers here who will provide you with a beautiful trending haute couture wedding gown. Without further ado, take a look at the current trends for bridal gown designs that will be a hit from the middle of 2019 through to the end of 2020. 

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Going Retro with Disco Designs

What are the first images that come to mind when you think back to the 70s disco era? Is it perhaps a disco ball or maybe the jumpsuits they used to wear? These few retro-styled items were incorporated on the runway during bridal fashion week.

Iridescent fabrics were used to make flowing gowns and beautiful sequin embellished silhouettes were created for a retro look. Using these elements paired with thigh-high slit skirts is all the rage at the moment.

Going for a retro-themed dress will be unique and elegant if you use the right colour fabric. Try a shimmery silver. Incorporate retro makeup and hair with a modern spin & you could create an iconic wedding that inspires other brides.

Dresses from the Elizabethan Era

It would seem fashion from the past is making a major comeback but with modern elements of course. There are many Elizabethan era designs that have become trendy such as puffy sleeves and modest high rise necklines.

Corsets may not be that trendy as many women wear them on their wedding day but exposed corsets are a new feature. Placing a corset over the dress itself is quite fashionable.

Use pale coloured fabrics such as beige and off-white lace for your Elizabethan wedding gown. Perhaps design a skirt that extends outward from your hips. This is a feature most brides use especially if they want to create an illusion that their hips are wider than what they are.

A two-toned wedding dress can also turn heads if you combine the right colours. This was also a quality that was popular during the Elizabethan age.

Can you Wear a Polka Dot Wedding Dress?

Have you ever seen a dress with polka dots everywhere? Well, it’s currently in trend so if you want to take this fashion to the next level, why not use it for your own wedding gown?

The polka dots can be subtle and this is achieved by embroidering small dots onto a bride’s veil. Or you could go for a bold statement by using beige fabric with crimson polka dots in a sequenced pattern. 

Whatever your preference is, polka-dotted wedding dresses are trending. This playful pattern can add a beautiful texture to your wedding gown. 

The Current Trends in Bridal Gown Designs

Sheer Chrome Designs

Shiny and shimmery wedding gowns can be elegant & sophisticated. This is exactly why this trend is making waves. It’s known as the smoke and mirror effect which is achieved by using the following fabrics:
  • Satin
  • Chiffon
  • Sheer
  • Gossamer tulles 
The colour fabric used is silver which has become the new ivory. These silver fabrics are paired with reflective sequins to create a sparkling effect. The flow of the fabric is quite important as well. The skirts are light and soft which create a dazzling effect when the material drifts behind you as you walk.

The Larger the Bow the Better

It would seem that large bows are back in style which was a 50s fashion trend.

Some women like dainty wedding gown accessories and others prefer larger accents. If you’re more for theatrical styled fashion trends you’ll love these bold bows. Large bows can be integrated anywhere on your dress but the most popular placement would be on the lower back.

Complete this look with an elegantly streamlined sash placed around the front of your waist and you’ll look like a princess.

If you do decide on a large bow, make sure you opt for a design that bares your shoulders. You don’t want a wedding dress that’s too busy. If you’ve got more accessories and patterns on the bottom of your dress, ensure your bodice is sleek. This is so all the attention is on the focal point of your dress which would be the large bow.

A Daring Wedding Veil

Most women tend to leave the veil out as the history behind this accessory emphasizes superstition. But if you could see the amazing veil design trends you’ll want to include it. This can be the final piece to making your wedding gown stand out.

The longer the veil the better and at the moment patterned embroidery on a soft flowing fabric is in full swing. You could pair different trending design elements such as the disco style and embellish the bottom of your flowing veil in reflective sequins.

Following bridal fashion trends will make it easier for you to get a beautiful wedding gown designed. You’ll know exactly which colour accents to use and which elements will make your wedding gown the talk of the town.

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