Turf Wars: 5 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Moving House

Moving house is a monumental mission capable of filling even the toughest among us with dread. While it might represent a momentous occasion – like getting married or going from being a renter to a homeowner – it still brings about a certain amount of stress. You have to pack, come up with the funds for a moving truck, and herd the family in one direction without anything going wrong.

Turf Wars: 5 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Moving House
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It can be the balancing act between trying to work and carry on as usual while simultaneously preparing for a significant reshuffle of your life. If you’re having sleepless nights over what’s to come, then the following advice might help.

Get Financial Assistance

You can make your life a whole lot easier by finding a reputable organization and taking advantage of the money loans they offer. Moving is stressful enough, but if you’re short on cash to get to your new destination, it can amplify that stress ten-fold.

A money loan can be enough to tide you over and help you through the change but still be relatively easy to pay back. It can, for example, allow you to hire a moving truck and cover travel costs to get your family to your new home.

Sort Utilities in Advance

Electricity, phone lines, internet, gas, water: these are all things you’ll need to consider. Amidst the stress, it can be easy to take it for granted that these facilities will be available at your new home, but who’s going to set them up?

Call your utility providers in advance and inform them of your pending move. Let them know the day you’ll need your address transferred. While you’re at it, use it as an opportunity to make sure you’re getting the best deal. A supplier change could be in order.

Prepare the Pets and Children

In between packing, organizing paperwork, and making sure your finances are in order, you still have to think of your pets and children. If your pets are nervous travelers, make sure you visit your local vet for products to help them relax while they travel. Be sure you know what condition the fencing is in at your new property as well. If you need to arrange temporary accommodation for them, do it ahead of time.

Kids also need reassurance that the move is exciting, not scary. Talk about a new school, if applicable, all the friends they will make, and the cool bedroom they’ll have as well. A change in routine lies ahead, so make sure they’re prepared.

Have a Clear Out

It’s amazing how much junk you can accumulate without realizing it. Use your upcoming move as an opportunity for a clear out. Donate items, sell them, or throw them away if they’re no good for anyone. The less stuff you have, the less space you take up in a moving truck, and the less you have to unpack at the other end!

Make a List

There’s so much to do before you move that you’ll be approaching insanity by the time you make it to the front door of your new abode. If you want to stay on top of everything, write a list. Better yet, use one that someone else has made. A well-crafted list will ensure you don’t forget anything while helping you feel like you’re in control.

Even though moving house is a traditionally stressful time, you can turn it around. Try out the five tips above and see if they help. Sometimes, a new perspective and a helping hand can be all it takes to make you feel better about the challenges ahead.

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