The Best Outdoor Speaker Pack Yet

The Best Outdoor Speaker Pack Yet

When hosting a party, movie night, or even when you're in the mood for some music, one of your essentials should be having the best sound system. Getting a suitable pair of speakers to build your sound system indoors can be easy. But it gets tricky when you try to choose one with the same quality for the outdoors. Indoor speakers are not built to carry audio waves equally in wide-open spaces. So the sound quality will not be as satisfying. And you'll be getting a lot of muffled and hissing sounds.

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The Best Outdoor Speaker Pack Yet
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The Best Speakers Pack

Since there are so many speakers out there to choose from, you would need to select the one that's most suitable for your own needs.

There are two types of outdoor speakers that you need to be aware of:
Permanently installed speakers:

This type gets its power and signal from a home receiver, which is similar to your indoor speaker. Except there are two significant differences.

1. Standing up to the elements: Most of the outdoor speakers are built to be weatherproof, which means they can withstand the direct assaults of rain, sun and cold. While the rest are weather-resistant, they can still withstand the weather outside, but will need some extra protection when it comes to rain and ice.

2. Mounting Brackets: Your speakers will come with these special outdoor mounting brackets, where these brackets get attached to the side of your house.


Portable wireless speakers

It's precisely the same as the permanent speakers, but with an extra added feature. These speakers are made to be connected to a receiver that has a built-in Bluetooth to power your speakers. And you'll be able to connect your smartphone, tablet and laptop to it wirelessly and enjoy your outdoor time. Some of them even have a built-in Wi-Fi so you can stream your audio directly. 

One extremely important thing about wireless speakers is that not all of them are weather resistant or even weatherproof, so it's better to keep it inside if you're not using it. Some speakers would have parts that are weather-resistant, and some are not. However, the SONOS Outdoor Pack is weather resistant and allows you to enjoy the music you’re playing in your backyard. 

But the SONOS outdoor Amp has not weather resistant. So make sure that you keep the amp covered from the sun and rain. You still have to make sure while choosing your speaker of what exactly is included in the package. Some packages do not include all wirings your system needs, so check carefully. 

When trying to find the perfect speakers, you'll have to consider all the factors attached to it. No two speakers can be the same, and the difference is not necessarily in the quality. The primary factors to consider are your outdoor space and weather. Because these are the main ones that will directly affect your speakers and the sound quality

Once you choose the one most suitable for you, you will need to check that it’s exactly what you ordered, because some speakers are shipped in pairs, while others are priced as individual parts. And you'll find that most portable speakers are provided with paintable grilles and enclosures so that you can match it with your back yard’s color scheme.

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