Stylish Navy Poncho Cashmere Wraps for Autumn

Stylish Navy Poncho Cashmere Wraps for Autumn

The word poncho is believed to come from the Quechua Punchu. But even long before the Incas, the plot of the poncho tells a lot of stories about the secret history of the people of Peru. The poncho was believed to be a part of the pre-Columbian’s culture that focused on dressing people in clothes that would stand against eternity. But the poncho, as we know it today, comes from the 17th century as a product from vests with central openings and Tunics.

Stylish Navy Poncho Cashmere Wraps for Autumn
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The poncho has then become a big of South America that it popped up some expressions such as “don’t step on my poncho” which means to not be pushy. The Mexican poncho is produced in a range of designs, different fabrics, and all shades of colors due to its huge popularity among women. 

That wasn’t always the case. Only males were allowed to wear ponchos in the past. But in our world today, the poncho versatility makes it an irresistible piece that should be in every wardrobe. This is why it’s not surprising that it has become one of the must-have items in the fashion world.


The poncho was originally meant to offer the ideal amount of warmness during the autumn while protecting the body against other harsh weather elements. The way this piece of clothing is wrapped offers the maximum freedom of movement for the body. Ponchos can also be worn in so many ways. You can use them to create a different number of outfits that would be suitable to be worn casually or for more classy events. 

A navy poncho wrap could be matched with navy pants and complemented with a white buttoned shirt to create a monochrome look that would make you look skinny and tall. For a casual outfit, you can wear the poncho with a pair of high waisted leggings or jeans.

Different Ways To Wear A Poncho

Ponchos have their ways to balance between femininity, fashionable-style, and edginess. You can wrap the poncho around your neck by simply draping it around your neck and letting it hang loose. It can also be worn instead of a shawl or a cape to cover your shoulders. Or you can decide to wrap it like a turtleneck to offer maximum protection against cold weather. There are a lot of ways you can wear a poncho and recycle it to fit different outfits and purposes.

This piece of clothing has so much history to it, and it has been used to represent many honorable traits such as strength, pride, and wisdom. However, this article of clothing is mainly considered to be an iconic symbol of Mexico and their awesome culture. Since ponchos don’t have armholes or structure, they can fit all sizes. 

This is definitely a huge perk to all the plus-sized ladies who have to struggle with the lack of size ranges as they can easily replace coats and sweaters with a poncho without having to waste their time or spend a fortune.  

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