Everyday Activities That Keep Us From Having A Good Posture

Everyday Activities That Keep Us From Having A Good Posture

We work, we play, we spend time with our families, we exercise and do a lot of things throughout the day. Just keep a few things in mind if you want to ensure that you keep on doing these things and never run into trouble. The first is drinking water. Make sure you drink at least half your body weight so your body stays hydrated. Take regular breaks during work to do some mild exercise or to just walk around and stretch your legs. And the third thing is exercise. Make sure that you work out consistently to counter the effects of the day. Among these three things, the one thing that gives a lot of us trouble is not walking or stretching our legs every once in a while.

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I know we try everything from writing post-its on our workstation, to keeping reminders on our cell phones. But somehow or the other, there’s always something more important that we need to take care of. This is the major reason that causes bad posture and a lot of other things to us in the long run and has us running towards a chiropractor. This thing can have you looking for the best chiropractor stockbridge ga has ever seen or maybe one in Clifton, or Colorado City in Arizona or wherever you currently reside.

Keep reading to know about the words things that you can do that directly affect your posture.


Most of you know what “Tech Neck” means. It has now become an epidemic in the USA. Walk down the street and just try to count the number of people you encounter who have their heads down and are staring at their cell phones. According to a Doctor based in Stockbridge, Georgia, people are spending more than 10 hours a day staring at screens at work and then again when they get home. 

There’s only a handful of people who shut it down. Staring at the screen for long periods is definitely not good for your posture or your overall health. Even if you have an ergonomic setup at your office, you won’t have it at home. And even if you do, how many of us are going to use it instead of our favorite sofa or chair?


Now everybody knows that staying in the same position for long periods of time is bad, but sitting in the same position for long periods of time is worse. It wrecks havoc on your posture. This is what results in you looking for the most reliable chiropractor Stockbridge GA or Arizona or Nevada. Gravity can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. 

By sitting in our offices or even at home we are turning it into the later.  We all know that we can’t give up our jobs and once we’re home, we’re too tired to do anything else. So, leading doctors and chiropractors suggest spending 3 minutes every hour doing some light exercise or just walking around. You will be doing yourself a huge favor.


We’re truly sorry if we hurt someone’s feelings but the truth needs to be said. High heels are definitely not good for your posture. They affect your back in the worst way possible. When you put on high heels, they change your center of gravity and put extra weight on your lower back. 

Wear shoes that give you more support, not the ones that take away the support and add extra weight to it. Don’t be afraid to go with sneakers all the time. They are trendy and comfortable and they don’t affect your back like stilettos and spikes. And even if you have to wear heels, make sure that nothing is above 2 inches.


We all have that one shoulder that we use to carry everything. Even if not using our shoulders, we use the same hand. Those of us who are right-handed, use their right hands, and left-handed people use their left. 

The issue is that it puts too much weight on one shoulder. This can result in bad posture, headaches, upper back pain or even sciatica. Either get a bag that has straps for both shoulders or switches shoulders regularly so that the weight evens out.


Whether it’s at the office for work, or at a meeting to eat, or it’s at home to put on some makeup. We bend our backs to lean into things. Remember whenever you need to bend, bend at the hips but keep you back straight. This can save you from a lot of trouble later in life which includes upper back pain, lower back pain, and a bad posture.

These are a few things that we regularly come in contact with throughout our everyday life. Just take care of these and you can save yourself a lot of suffering and pain.

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