Niche Gifts for Men and Other Niches a Growing Startup Trend

Niche Gifts for Men and Other Niches a Growing Startup Trend

Buying gifts for your loved ones is sort of art, and it’s one not many can master. Sure, it seems like buying a gift for a guy is the hardest task, there is, but with a little careful planning and some creativity, it’s actually quite doable. There are plenty of growing trends in the startup scene across the world, and some focus on niche gifts for men. You may end up choosing another idea, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to check out these very cool gifts. 
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Pressurized Growler for Craft Beer

Guys like beer, and something most people don’t know is craft beer tastes so much better than ordinary canned products. It has to do with how it’s stored in kegs and the chemical reactions that happen there result in it being fresher and much better tasting than bottled or canned beer. This is why this is a pretty cool gift – because who will get an actual keg at home? This growler was created through a cooperation between Kickstarter and Amazon, and it makes it possible to create your very own craft beer at home.

Stemless Wine Glasses

Nothing like a couple of elegant looking glasses to add to your kitchen, right? The great thing about this set is the fact that it works with pretty much any type of drink not just wine. Whether it’s a cocktail or margaritas, these glasses will definitely do the trick. Also, they’re spill proof, so it doesn’t get much better than this.

Gift Baskets

You don’t often hear about gift baskets for men, do you? It’s always for women filled with luxury items and skin products. But men need pampering too, and it’s never too late to start treating yourself to the finer things in life. This is why the people at created some pretty interesting gift baskets for men. You have something like pizza and beer gift box, which is probably most guys’ dream come true. There’s also the Bloody Mary kit which comes with all you need to make that delicious drink.

Hoodie Backpack

Bet you didn’t think you’d be reading about something called a hoodie backpack, did you? Shark Tank has come up with probably the most inventive clothing item in a very long time. Ever been wearing a hoodie in the morning cold, and then wanted to take it off midday when it gets really hot? Well, usually, you’d have to tie it around your waist or something, which doesn’t look good and isn’t very practical. That’s why these guys have made a hoodie that turns into a backpack by folding it.

Standing Desk

Another interesting trend in the market right now is something called a standing desk. Sitting too long on your chair and desk can get a bit exhausting. That’s why Shark Tank has created this portable standing desk that could be mounted on your window for you to work standing. So, you get to stretch your legs and enjoy the view too!

Look Around

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend or just want to pamper yourself, you’ll definitely find some really cool stuff out there in the startup scene that is booming. So, look around and find yourself some cool products, but try looking in unusual places because there are some hidden gems out there.

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