sloggi Girl Pledge to Save the Earth

Love Weather! She is playing with Warm Sunshine today. I love the latest sloggi Love Weather! Love sloggi! collection. The vivid and vibrant colours make Miss Sunshine happy yippie. This collection is chic and cheerful with an effervescent ‘feel-good factor’ plus comfortable too. 

sloggi is the fabric expert and freedom enthusiast which develop comfortable underwear which one feel free to wear every day. The Love Weather! Love sloggi! underwear collection is comfort, lightweight and breathable because its made from high-quality organic cotton and silky soft Italian Sensitive® Fabric. 

I love all the light hearted prints and vibrant colours. Love Weather available in 5 colours, Red: Playing with Warm Sunshine; Blue: Singing in the Rain; Yellow: Dancing with the Stars; Purple: Dreaming somewhere over the Rainbow and Pink: Weather Girls are the most Fun

The Love Weather collection is chic, fashionable and makes me feel delightful. Plus I’m loving the Earth by buying and wearing organic cotton material.

By the way, did you know that
• Simply by buying sloggi Sensitive® eco friendly fabric series, you’ve saved 77,370sqm of Amazon rain forest already. Let’s join hands to save even more tree this year!

• sloggi love earth, which is why the fabric Sloggi have chosen is designed to save 20% of water & 10% of energy.

• 230,000 tones of pesticides is used to grow conventional cotton per year, which equals to approximately the weight of 11,500 whales (Source: National Geographic.). It take 1/3 lb of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to make ONE T-shirt. Can you imagine wearing a whole chem lab everyday. So start to switch to organic cotton now.

To save the Earth is to love the environment first. To love the environment is to get closer to nature, get connected and discover our mother earth beauties. 

Let’s Love the Weather and enjoy outdoor activities like sloggi Girls. Playing with Warm Sunshine, Singing in the Rain, Dancing with the Stars, Dreaming somewhere over the Rainbow plus the Weather Girls are the most Fun.

3R: Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

Use Public Transport, Save Water and Support Go Green Campaign

Use Recycle Bag, Collect Rubbish & Practice Go Green
Enjoy Outdoor Activity and Love the Nature

Plant more trees

always practice recycle and make it as a routine 

use organic cotton materials like choosing sloggi Sensitive® eco friendly fabric series

Here is my poem to represent my sloggi Pledge to Save the Earth:

my sloggi Save The Earth pledge is simple and practical;
Start bringing my own water bottle and food container;
Walk, use bike, public transport or carpool to be an eco traveler;
Bring my own recycle bag and be a smart shopper.

Take shower instead of bath to conserve water;
Practice 3R, reduce, reuse and recycling user;
Eat less meat and choose organic food if possible;
Say no to smoking to reduce air pollution and cancer.

Save energy by using energy saving electrical appliances;
Lights, air-conds and electrical items are off when not in use;
All these help to reduce the environment damage and save money;
So I can start live a happier and healthier life journey.

I shall keep to my commitments and pledge everyday;
Hope I can raise Save the Earth awareness everyway;
Buy and wear organic cotton clothes and underwear love the nature;
Together we pledge to built a more sustainable world for the future.

I believe every small effort from each of us accumulates to big impact to save the earth. So start saving the earth when ever and where ever we can. Try to make it a habit in our daily live. Hopefully we can make this Earth a better place to stay. 

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    1. Hi sloggi,

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