Green Warrior Recycling Bras For A Greener Environment

To celebrate the Earth month in April 2013, XIXILI in joint collaboration with Kechara Soup Kitchen recently took to the streets of Jalan Imbi in a day’s event to uplift ladies who are homeless by giving them a personalized fitting session and recycled bras. XIXILI unique community service project ‘Green Bosom’ was inaugurated in April 2011 with the intention to create a greener environment for living through recycling of old bras for the underprivileged women. 

Donating bras and recycling bras is part of the community service project, XIXILI has pledged to undertake. Early in the year, XIXILI donated complete sets of bra and panties to Ti-Ratana Welfare Buddhist Centre to the underprivileged youths.

The Green Warrior The Green Warrior triumphs once more. Approximately 3,000 pieces of recycled bras were channeled to welfare homes nationwide for year 2013 whilst out of the total, 600 pieces, in a joint collaboration with Kechara Soup Kitchen, were channeled to homeless women living on the streets of Jalan Imbi and surrounding city areas of Kuala Lumpur. 

This iconic ‘Green Warrior’ name was coined to represent the greater good of the community that comes together to recycle their older bras by giving these bras to the underprivileged women. 

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