Hakubi White C Gel Review

Hakubi White C Gel was recently launched and introduced in Malaysia. This product is best for pigmentation, dark spot or blemishes skin. I think some people with blemishes or acne skin or sensitive skin are allergy to Vitamin C, Licourice extract or citrus acid. I have attached the list of ingredients, so do check and ensure your skin has no allergy to such ingredients. 

Description: Hakubi White C Gel 

This is a clear gel with Vitamin C derivatives and Licorice Extract, it repairs from the outside that helps to:-
• It permeates the skin to clear blemishes and freckles
• It suppresses the production of melanin and protects against blemishes and freckles
• It tightens, purifies and conditions skin. It maintains a healthy skin.
• It moisturizes and protects skin.
• It prevents dry skin and acne. Its antioxidant effect prevents acne by suppressing the oxidization of fat.
• The Licorice Extract or Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate in the gel acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to soothe irritation.
• It conditions the skin by activating collagen synthesis.
• It prevents spots after treatment

Review: Hakubi White C Gel 

Hakubi White C Gel tube packaging is convenient for user and has a small tip to control the amount of the gel squeeze out. I only apply on my targeted area like those pimples scars on my chin and the light pigmentation on my cheek. Apply twice a day for day and night at the targeted area. The texture is not really like gel, its very fluid and clear or transparent color. 

After using this gel for almost a week I don't really see much different on the pigmentation or lightening effect. The pimples scars on my chin became a little bit less visible. Maybe I should use it for a longer time or better result should take the Hakubi White C Plus tablets as oral skin supplements. As for my skin when I use this Hakubi White C Gel (whitening products) it does not dry or cause any irritation or rashes to my skin.   

Hakubi White C Gel ingredient list

Texture: Very fluid and clear 

Country of origin: Japan 

Formulation: Sato Pharmaceutical in Japan 

Content: 20g

Price: RM 91.90

Availability: Exclusively at 35 Sasa outlets throughout Malaysia

Distributor: DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd

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