Hello Kitty at McDonald’s Malaysia

Hello Kitty Hamburglar
Hello Kitty fans busy eating McValue Meal again hehehe

Hello Kitty is now here at McDonald’s start on 25th April until 16th May 2013. Every Thursday there will be a new design. Each Hello Kitty plushie only costs RM9.95 with purchase of any McValue Meal. 1 new design every week total there is 4; Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie and Ronald McDonald.  

25th April 2013 is Hamburglar
02nd May 2013 is Grimace
09th May 2013 is Birdie
16th May 2013 Ronald McDonald

Also, you can join McDonaldl and Hello Kitty contest here www.mymcd.com.my/hellokitty 
and you could stand a chance to win amazing Hello Kitty prizes. 
All the best!


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    1. yess... must get all the 4

      Miss Sunshine


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