Go Green with Leo & Friends

Green Rangers on a ‘mission’ to save the Earth. Never underestimate the power of the Green Rangers, as they are set on a mission to ‘Green-up’ the Mother Nature – that is the underlying key message of Sunway Pyramid’s ‘Go Green With Leo & Friends orkshop’, held in conjunction with the EleFUN Holiday and the Green Month of March. 


Bearing the importance of preserving the Earth and its resources, Sunway Pyramid has initiated the ‘Go Green With Leo & Friends’ campaign for children 12 years old and below to educate and encourage them to be aware of environmental issues. It also coincides with the ‘EleFUN Holiday’, which pays tribute to 14 Pygmy Elephants which died at the Gunung Rara forest reserve in Sabah recently.

This year, the participations are opened not just to Sunway Pyramid’s Leo Cubs, but also to other children and underprivileged children from selected orphanages, including the Precious Children’s Home and SHELTER Home For Children.

The Go Green With Leo & Friends Workshop 2013 sees the participation from Precious Children’s Home and Shelter Home for Children. Located in Petaling Jaya, the Precious Children’s Home took in some unfortunate children of various unfavourable family background, and provide them strong sense of encouragement and assistance. The Shelter Home for Children caters to 17 children of underprivileged background, having a team of committed volunteers to provide assistance in tutoring the children.

There are also displays of Pygmy Elephant sculptures as painted by independent local artists and talents, such as Ellie Ng and Christine Das, and shoppers can donate to help Borneo Conservation Trust in the Pygmy Elephants’ conservation efforts and research.

As we go about living in the technologically-advanced world of today, let’s not forget about the Earth that has given us so much, for so long. Living the Green Life should be practised at all times, and that is what Sunway Pyramid is striving for.


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