Raffles Runway Show at Pavilion Fashion Pitstop

Joe Chia Design 
Graduate Raffles College of Higher Education

Pavilion KL recently played host to more than 350 students of Raffles College of Higher Education as part of its annual Pavilion KL Fashion Pit Stop 2013. The Look and See Raffles Runway Show was aimed at inspiring students’ creativity, providing a platform for aspiring movers and shakers of the fashion industry to showcase their talents.

 Kathryn Lagrosa Rao Design
Raffles College of Higher Education

Gynn Ling Design
Raffles College of Higher Education

Kung Suan Ai, Marketing Director of Pavilion KL said, “The traditional model of education can no longer be applied in this modern world. Students don’t get real experiences from books in a classroom. As a lifestyle destination, Pavilion KL is honoured to be able to play a part in nurturing upcoming talents for the industry – giving the next generation an educational experience that equips them with the values, skillsets, knowledge and practice that will prepare them as they step into the industry.”

Moto Keek Wen Han Design
Second Year 
Raffles College of Higher Education

Here, the students and their mentor share their views on the experience and the local fashion industry.
1.       Joe Chia, graduate (Joe)
2.       Kathryn Lagrosa Rao, graduate (Kathryn)
3.       Gynn Ling, graduate (Gynn)
4.       Moto Keek Wen Han, second year (Moto)

Q: What does fashion mean to you?
Kathryn: Fashion is very odd. It cannot be described in exact form because it is a way of expression. We express our feelings, thoughts, ideas, inspiration and style onto a piece of paper. Then we transform it into a piece of clothing.
Joe: Fashion is an art, a bond that connects everyone – in various forms – music, paint, statue, wall painting, theatre, film, dance and many more.

Q: What is the concept behind your collection today?
Kathryn: My collection “Atishoo” was inspired by the nursery rhyme ‘Ring around the Rosie’ and the connotation of Black Death. It may sound morbid but there is a presence of innocence at the same time. The combination is unique and this gave me inspiration for my collection.
Moto: My idea is the “Restart” of Christchurch, New Zealand, where an earthquake two years back disrupted many lives. The rebuilding of the town and bringing to life the human values of this rebuilding really inspired my collection.
Gynn: My collection is called “Manimal”, inspired by the attitude and behavior of society. I used legendary animal characteristics because each is so unique and distinctive.
Joe: My collection “High Modern” was inspired by the frequency of the human voice, one that reaches out to bring hope into darkness.

Ronny Henry, Senior Lecturer at Raffles College
Q: How do you guide students from a piece of paper to the end of production?
During the learning process, encouragement is the key ingredient I impart on my students. Most of them have a lot of ideas, but they don’t know how to translate that into visual form. As their mentor, I have the responsibility to lead them step-by-step. It takes an average two years to master all the basic skills.
Q: How do you think this showcase runway experience will help them?
The skills they gain through this experience will prepare them for the real world. They also get to broaden their network with industry people, which will help them in the future, if they have their own brands.
Q: For students leaving your care and stepping into the real world, what do you think is the best advice you can give them?
I always share with them three things:
1.       Stay humble
2.       Get to know more people in this industry
3.       Keep chasing your dreams, never give up.

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