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Hi! Happy Sunday! I just got back from Kuching, Sarawak yesterday evening. It was a short trip and we had lots of fun. We went to the Semengong Wildlife Centre to see the orang utan, spent half a day at the cultural village, river cruise in the evening and many interesting places.

HK Station, Sungei Wang Plaza - My Favourite Look

Nevertheless, I have participated HK Station, Sungei Wang Plaza ‘My Favourite Look’ contest last month. The contest is going to end soon on 23rd April 2013.  All my looks were put together with under RM200. Please check out and vote for My Favourite Look at this link

1. Click on this link
2. Register and Fill up your particulars
3. Click on my picture - 2nd row on the far right (gold and black sleeve blouse and leopard print skirt) and 5th row on the far right (blue maxi dress).
4. On the left hand corner there is a <3 button just click on that to vote for me.

I hope you could support and vote for me If you vote, you also stand a chance to win RM100 HK Station shopping voucher weekly. 
Contest end 23rd April 2013. 

thank you & enjoy your weekend
~ muacks ~


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    1. Irfan,

      waaa... mana boleh max 5 kali je. thanks bro!

      Sunshine Kelly


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