Samsung GALAXY Note II Red (Ruby Wine) in Malaysia

Red is the color of passion, optimistic, courageous, auspicious, vibrant, confident and it’s my favourite. Well, Chinese believes that red is auspicious so during special occasion we wear red to boost the luck and happiness. I like red in many shades; it goes well with my personality and complexion.

I love to wear red dresses, carry red handbag, strap on my Baby G red watches, perhaps some time put on a red spec and well red lipstick is a must to glam up the plain Jane. Oh! You may spot me in my red shoes… it’s so obvious from a far you can see me walking toward you. I am coming… jeng jeng jeng.

This is the moment, Samsung GALAXY Note II is now available in Red. Well, the color is more towards dark red or maroon or to me more exact is ruby wine. I think this color is more classy and elegant to carry around than the bright red for a hand phone. Because if it’s in bright red then it will be too loud. Now Samsung GALAXY Note II RED gives the users more colors options and personality. I checked out this new Samsung GALAXY Note II Red at Samsung The Gardens Mid Valley store. The sales representatives are quite friendly and attentive. I have the flexibility of trying out this smart phone and take pictures with it.

When you wear red, you tend to stand out from the crowd. It catches the eye, makes a bold statement and looks alive. As red color personality,  I am stimulating to be with and radiates a great deal of energy. Yes! This is Miss Sunshine always radiates positive energy and sunshine smiles. I am blushing ~ red :)

Basically,  the Samsung GALAXY Note II Red specifications are the same as the Samsung GALAXY Note II is just that the casing is in Ruby Wine Red. You can check out Samsung GALAXY Note II specification HERE. For those who love Red color like me this the one we can relate to and feel more personal.   

Red is the great clarifier - bright and revealing. I can't imagine 
becoming bored with red - it would be like becoming bored 
with the person you love. by Diana Vreeland
For more information about Samsung GALAXY Note II RED check out

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