Sammi Cheng OSIM uAngel Ambassador

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Sammi Cheng the newest ambassador for OSIM uAngel

OSIM and Sammi Cheng enhance your lifestyle with uAngel, A Magical Moment with the World’s First Sofa-Tranzformer, for Angels like You.

Sammi Cheng OSIM uAngel Ambassador

OSIM has appointed the gorgeous international artist and pop-diva, Sammi Cheng to be the newest ambassador for their latest lifestyle product, the world’s first Sofa Tranzformer; OSIM uAngel.

Joining the stable of reputable ambassadors such as the legendary Cantopop superstar Andy Lau, Taiwanese group S.H.E, model Lin Chi Ling and Singaporean singer Olivia Ong, Sammi Cheng is the latest face to promote the delightfully and thoughtfully designed OSIM uAngel, providing Malaysian a brand new interpretation of keeping healthy and relaxed at home.

OSIM uAngel, the world’s first sofa transzformer:-
With just one touch, the OSIM uAngel transforms delightfully from a small sofa into a full-body massage chair. Experience multiple joys in life with the versatility and charm of a beautiful home sofa, the OSIM uAngel:

• Living Room Sofa
Fully retracted foot massager unit saves space and lets you indulge in the simple pleasures of life while you relax on the compact uAngel. With an exciting sheen of metallic brushed upholstery, the OSIM uAngel is available in five trendy home-interior colours, namely Cosmic Blue, Stellar Red, Enchanting Green, Mystique Grey and Celestial White. The contemporary design and colours of OSIM uAngel will certainly be the centre of attention and favourite spot for you and your loved ones.

• Full-Body Massage Chair
Extend the backrest and foot massager unit completely and benefit from the well-being of afull-body uAngel massage.

• Foot Massage
Enjoy an intense and health-yielding foot massage while you indulge in your favourite lifestyle activities on the uAngel.

OSIM uAngel is now available at all OSIM outlets with a promotional price of RM4,988 (0% Installment up to 36 months at RM139/month). For further enquiries, please log onto or follow OSIM on Facebook at

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  1. Living room is most pleases place.I comfort fill stay there.I arrange some exercise tools do exercise.Some item of buy can also go there.


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