CNY 2013: Taxi! Taxi! movie will be Driving into Malaysia

Meet TAXI! TAXI! casts
TAXI! TAXI! Movie is inspired by famed blogger Dr Cai Mingjie’s real life accounts as a taxi driver in his bestseller “Diary of a Taxi Driver: True Stories From Singapore's Most Educated Cabdriver”, the movie follows the trials and tribulations of a retrenched microbiology scientist, Professor Chua, who turned to driving a taxi when he was being laid off after working for 16 years as a researcher after several failed job attempts.

TAXI! TAXI! will be driving into Malaysia cinemas on 24 January 2013. This movie is a family comedy with a message never to give up and the strength of family unity, an inspiring movie to usher in the New Year.

Mark Lee and Gurmit Singh in Taxi! Taxi!

After nearly a decade, Singapore funnymen Mark Lee and Gurmit Singh got back working together in a new movie after their last movie together, One Leg Kicking 11 years ago. The two reteam this time around for the movie Taxi! Taxi!, a co-production between Singapore and Malaysia. Lee and Singh respectively play a veteran streetwise taxi driver and a former PhD researcher whom was retrenched and now has to learn a new career, as a taxi driver.

The movie assembled casts from both Singapore and Malaysia includes Malaysia veteran actress Aunty Lai Meng, Malaysia Radio Announcer and actress Gan Mei Yan, former Singapore actress and Mediacorp Star Search runner-up Jazreel Low and newcomer Royston Ong. To round up the castings in the movie is the youngest person in the movie 7 years old  Singapore YouTube sensation, Chua Jin Sen aka Dr. Jia Jia.

In the movie Taxi! Taxi!, not only it is Dr. Jia Jia’s first big screen debut in a feature movie but he is also one of the singer of the movie’s theme song, Taxi! Taxi! together with Mark Lee and Gurmit Singh. Dr Jia Jia together with his older brother Chua Jin Chou aka Big Brother are the stars of a series of ‘Singlish’ videos that has gone viral, amassing over 16,000 facebook followers and over 3 million views. The videos have made both brothers especially Dr. Jia Jia so popular in Singapore until Dr. Jia Jia’s crinkly-lopsided smiling face and his signature phrase Kee Chiew (Raise your hand) move has become a pop-culture on the streets of Singapore.

Source: Galaxtar


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