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Coupons, vouchers, and deals companies are growing like mushrooms, there are so many types of products and services that were offered, you name it they have it... I’m one of the kaki coupons who sometimes addicted to clicking on the link they email to me or appeared on my Facebook feed. There goes my money… I often purchased dining, facial, massage, or spa coupons which I think is so cheap and I would like to try them, why not right? But you see due to my hectic schedule and workload I don’t have time to keep track of the coupon deadline, when I wanted to use them I found out that it has expired. WHAT??? so wasted and I was frustrated, happened many times.

Recently someone introduces me to this app called PIRQ. The app is free to download on iPhone or Android phone. Need internet access to run the app. The good thing about PIRQ app is that we do not need to print anything and it so convenient to instantly redeem on the spot.

These are the simple steps to get started with PIRQ

Currently the PIRQ app deals is available in these areas such as Golden Triangle, Hartamas, Sunway, Tropicana, Subang, Shah Alam, 1 Utama, Damansara, Klang, Petaling Jaya, Ampang, Wangsa Maju, Pudu, Cheras, Kepong, Mid Valley, Puchong and OUG. 

Let’s get started:-
1. download app on iPhone or Android, details here

2. sign in using either your email or Facebook account
3. discover the best deals near you or selected the cities that you are heading to.
4. redeem the deals now or you can reserve it for later
5. tap redeem when you have decided on the deals that you want
6. scan the Microsoft Tag usually at the door or register when arrived at the venue
7. the deals is activated and show it to the outlet

After browsing through I want to have lunch at Tain Siang Hei Wei, so we headed to Sunway Giza outlet. The deal is good, 50% off with minimum spend of RM100 excluding beverages. As mentioned above, upon arrival at the venue I scan the tag and show it to the waitress. Then the rest its our time to enjoy the food and get saving… 

These are the steps screenshots taken while using my android phone 

at Tain Siang Hei Wei Steamboat, Sunway Giza

 This is my deal at Tain Siang Hei Wei 50% off total Bill

 This is the outlet scan code

 Login into PIRQ and find the deal, check in and redeem
Then scan the code at the venue and the code will appear on my smartphone

The pro about PIRQ is that the app is free to download as long as I have smart phone either iPhone or Android. So it is easy to use and accessible by everyone.
Second, we do not need any cash, credit card, or payment to redeem deals on PIRQ app. Just scan the Tag and get the offer from the merchant. I no longer need to pre pay for the deals, therefore need not to keep track of the expiry date and no hassle yippie. Because all PIRQ deals will be on my mobile I do not have to print and carry all the coupons or vouchers. There will be no wastage, no forgot to bring the coupons out or expiry cases.

In PIRQ I have my own deals summary which shows me how much I saved and my redemption. The app can also be linked to my facebook account, so if I find the deals are good and value for money I could share it on my facebook wall so that my friends also can know about it. It is quite fun too.   

Well, the app is still new so there are still some room for improvements. I find that the PIRQ deals are only available in Klang Valley and the choices of deals basically for food, slimming, facials, hair, nails, movie, medical consultations and etc. I hope as time goes PIRQ will add more deals like gym, spa, classes, vacations and maybe shopping vouchers.

Another thing is that when I clicked on the deals sometimes the deals details or discounts do not appear. Only outlet address, descriptions and links appeared. So I don’t know what are the discounts and how to reserve the deals or plan in advance. By the way the app sometimes hanged and I got to restart a few times. I am not sure what if it’s due to my phone or the app itself.  

Overall, this app has a good concept whereby we do not need to pre pay and no hassle of tracking the deadline, expiry date and for sure no need to print the voucher. All the information is stored in the smart app. However there are few loose ends that need to iron out. I will keep checking out deals at different locations, those that interest me I will redeem... PIRQ Instantly Amazing

More information about PIRQ at http://pirq.com.my

PIRQ Video Tutorial 


  1. This is good. As I always think online coupon are waste of earth resource, then when print back & white or smaller than the actually size, the outlet were showing a rejection sight. Thanks for ur great recommendation. I just download it. :)

    1. Hi heronterron,

      you are welcome

      Miss Sunshine


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