Magnum Preview Party For Pleasure Seekers at Renoma Café Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Who can say no to ice cream??? I was tryiny to say no... errr but I gave in to temptation especially Magnum ice cream. It was a night for pleasure seekers at Magnum Exclusive Preview Party on 16th Jan 2013. The party was held at Renoma Café, Kuala Lumpur, a night of free flow Magnum new ice creams yuhuu… #MagnumPleasures 

Introducing Magnum 2 new flavours Magnum Chocolate Brownie and Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry... and indulged in Magnum ice cream all night long. 

who is the Magnum Hunk #MagnumPleasures

Chocolate Signature #MagnumPleasures

free flow Magnum new ice creams #MagnumPleasures 

Twitter games going on #MagnumPleasures

caught Frank doing his Chocolate Manicure shh... #MagnumPleasures

the new Magnum Chocolate Brownie and Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry #MagnumPleasures

Magnum Chocolate Brownie

Magnum Chocolate Brownie
Smooth, creamy brownie flavoured ice cream coated in thick cracking Belgian chocolate and chunky cashew nut pieces.

Magnum Chocolate Strawberry

Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry
Delicious strawberry sauce rippled creamy vanilla ice cream and coated in thick crackling Belgian chocolate.

my Chocolate Signature on chocolate block yay #MagnumPleasures

I prefer the Magnum Chocolate Strawberry simply because I like the combination of chocolate, vanila and strawberry. Now, Magnum have 5 flavours; Magnum Classic, Magnum Almond, Magnum Choco-Cuppuccino, Magnum Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate & Strawberry. So which one you is your favourite???

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  1. i tried the gold magnum in jakarta! the outer is a crisp caramel (the gold) layer! ooh la la

    1. hi Constance

      yup awesome right! O lala hehehe


  2. my fav is Magnum Choco-Cuppuccino. yummy!!!


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