CNY 2013: Circles of Prosperity at Pavilion KL, The 9 Unique First Time Experiences in Malaysia

Circles of Prosperity at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Are you looking for Prosperity this year? Yes! If you wish to have a smooth sailing year ahead, follow the Circles of Prosperity at the Pavilion KL to usher this Chinese New Year with wealth, health, good fortune and longevity.

God of Prosperity 

As usual you know there will be something new in Pavilion KL every festive season. For 2013 Pavilion KL Circles of Prosperity kick start this Chinese New Year with 9 Unique First Time Experiences in Malaysia.

Tossing of Yee Sang is believed to usher in abundance, auspiciousness,
blessings, wealth, prosperity and longevity

From Left: Lovell Ho, Director of Leasing Pavilion KL; Joyce Yap, CEO Retail of Pavilion KL; Philip Ho, CEO of Pavilion REIT Management and Kung Suan Ai, Director of Marketing Pavilion KL

Acrobatic Lion Dance by Kung Seng Keng

Kung Suan Ai, Director of Marketing Pavilion KL

Kung Suan Ai, Pavilion KL’s Director of Marketing said, “Through the years, mall visitors look forward to celebrating the festive season with us at Pavilion KL. It is them who spur us to challenge ourselves to create bigger and better experiences. Each year during Chinese New Year, we also see the demand for our in-house designed ang pow packets steadily increasing. As such, 10,000 packs have been prepared especially to meet the demand. From designer snake skin shoes to bags and now even to our snake-inspired ang pow packets, Pavilion KL as a hub for high fashion and luxury is set to welcome the Lunar Year of the Snake.”

the 9 Unique First Time Experiences in Malaysia
Circles of Prosperity at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Dotting the eyes of the koi fish to officiate Pavilion KL’s Circles of Prosperity

9 Giant Longevity Koi
First time in Kuala Lumpur, the auspicious masterpiece, the nine giant Longevity Koi set amidst 2,000 red and gold Chinese lanterns, steal the spotlight this year at Pavilion KL’s Centre Court

Pavilion KL’s Centre Court transformed into an auspicious festivities

Based on an old Chinese legend about the story of thousands of Koi, out of the million koi making the journey over the years, only one koi, perseveres and is strong enough to swim all the way to the head of the river and leap from the water, over Dragon’s Gate, transforming into a powerful dragon. Swimming Kois are thus symbolic of overflowing surpluses, worldly aspirations and advancement. They are often presented as gifts bestowing blessings on the receiver.

Bridge of Prosperity

Walk the Bridge of Prosperity
Make a date with the God of Prosperity as you walk the first-of-its-kind Bridge of Prosperity. Seal the deal by tying an auspicious golden coin onto the impressive 8ft by 35ft bridge, to usher in an opulent year of generous wealth and booming prosperity.

Tie a gold coin onto the Bridge of Prosperity for an opulent year

Reunion of 12 Life-Sized Chinese Zodiac
The Circle of Reunion at Pavilion KL’s Bukit Bintang Entrance features 12 beautifully illuminated Chinese Zodiac Characters.  Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Boar standing at 7ft tall, you can check your zodiac and read your fortunes for 2013.

Embark on A Journey
to bountiful luck when you take a stroll through Pavilion KL signature Spanish Steps, transformed into a garden of auspicious in glorious red and whimsical cherry blossoms.

Snap Photos 
with friends and family around the spectacular circle of lantern arches and trees, featuring over 2,000 handmade lanterns signifying good wishes and also you can take photo in Chinese Ancient Tradisional Costume.

‘Auspicious 8’ Charity
Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Care Lotion at just RM8 and RM2 will be donated to the old folks home. Auspicious ang pow packets can be redeemed with every RM200 spent at any specialty store. While stock last.

Expolore the Art Bazaar
Traditional festive arts such as lion head making, paper lanterns, fish skin painting, silk embroidery to rainbow calligraphy at the Art Bazaar. Other fun activities to accentuate the season include Chinese classical music show, Sunny Angels and Twin Stars Live Performance and God of Fortune meet and greet.

Redeem a Gift 
Receive Ang Pow packets with every RM200 spend in a single receipt at any speciality stores.

Whirl Into Festivities 
There are many activitie such as Chinese Orchestra, Sunny Angle & Twin Star Live Performances, Once Upon A Time Celebrities Meet & Greet, Caligraphy Charity Fund, God of Fortune (Choy San Yeh) Meet & Greet and Acrobatic Lion Dance.   

Pavilion KL’s Chinese New Year celebration from now till 24 February 2013. For more information, contact Pavilion KL’s Concierge at 03 2118-8833, check real-time updates
Pavilion KL Facebook:
Pavilion Twitter: @Pavilion_KL


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