DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 Launch by Watsons Malaysia at Fukuya Japanese Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur

Apart from daily skincare regime do you think we need to take supplements such as beauty drinks, collagen drinks, tablets, vitamins and etc to improve and enhance our skin conditions and maintain our youth? Well, if we are 18 years old I think its not necessary because we will have enough collagen to support your skin but if we are above 25 years whereby signs of aging slowly start to show that is the time we have to start taking extra care. 

What is collagen? Collagen is a type of protein that makes up about 70% of our inner skin’s layer. So why do we need collagen? Our body collagen decreases drastically after the age of 25, these caused the wrinkles and sagging. Taking collagen supplements can help to reduce aging by promoting collagen synthesis within the body to prevent skin from aging. By the way, collagen supplements are typically popular among Korean and Japanese. As you can see, they have a good skin and also look younger than their actual age. 

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000, The Fountain of Youth in a Bottle is a collagen drinks that originated from Japan was finally launched by Watsons Malaysia at Fukuya Japanese Restaurant, Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday, 9th Jan 2013. 

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 is a high quality collagen drink that contains 7,000 msg of fish Collagen in one bottle. Vitamin C, Pre-Hyaluronic Acid (N-Acetylglucosamine), L-Citrulline and other essential ingredients which work together to promote collagen synthesis. It’s the Fountain Of Youth in a Bottle, certainly fits the bill. 

Official Launch of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 by Watsons Malaysia
From left: Eric Wong (Watsons Marketing Manager, Brand Communication); 
Audrey (Blogger- Fourfeetnine), Ringo (Blogger- Cheeserland); Caryn Loh (Watsons   Merchandise, Space & Planning Director) and Chua Pui Charn (Watsons Senior Buyer)

The friendly DHC Beautician and Sales Assistant

  Doing my skin analysis

We also get to test and try out DHC other skincare range

DHC Moisture Fruit Skincare Range

DHC Camu-Camu Whitening Skincare Range 

Fourfeetnine (Blogger) and Cheeserland (Blogger) Sharing Session

During the launch, Cheeserland and Fourfeetnine shared their experience after a month of drinking this DHC Collagen Beauty 7000. Both commented that their skin became firmer, more hydrated and their skin condition improved.

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 aids in reversing the signs of aging; attributing more moisture and elasticity for generally younger looking skin. Most products in the market contain between 1000msg to 5000msg. collagen Beauty 7000 contains 7000msg for quicker and effective results. Collagen Beauty 7000 Plus is mode from natural in ingredient and is free of any artificial preservatives, coloring, additives of Caffeine. 

Quick Review: DHC Collagen Beauty 7000
The first time I tried DHC Collagen Beauty 7000, it taste a bit sourish after 2 or 3 sips I began to get used to the taste. Its good that this collagen drink do not have the fishy smell or taste, if not I can’t go on drinking the second bottle. It contains a blend of 12% Muscat fruit juice and honey which gives sour and sweet taste. I usually have dry lips, after drinking this DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 my lips not so dry and don’t crack anymore. Every morning I wake up I don’t look that tired and pale. I drink consistently a bottle every night before going to bed. My skin became more hydrated and radiant. I think if I continue to drink this collagen drink consistently I will see more visible results.  

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 Product Information, Ingredients and Directions  

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 it is available exclusively at Watson’s stores nationwide. A box containing 10 bottles is priced at RM129.00. 


  1. how lucky you got to join all these amazing events..i hope the DHC collagen( in packets) would be launch in malaysia too!

    1. Hi Mizu,

      thanks. it now available in Malaysia. You can purchase them at Watsons Malaysia nationwide.

      Miss Sunshine

  2. Noor Azizah Ahmad11 Jan 2013, 18:20:00

    wow, maklumat yang sangat berguna. Thanks for sharing

    1. Hi Azizah,

      you are welcome. glad you like it.

      Miss Sunshine

  3. Oh damn!You are one hell of a lucky person.
    my wife envy will surely envy you :p
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  4. how much in peso?

  5. Is this also available in any watson branch in the philippine?

  6. HI...y now dont have at any watson in malaysia...?


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