Tips: How to Care for Embellished Jeans

Morning! taking about bling-bling again hehehe... Do you have any jeans, jackets, dresses or any apparel that has bling-bling? wei, even bra and panties now days comes with Swarovski crystals, right? 

Today topic is about jeans, usually a pair embellished jeans with crystals, studs or any bling-bling are quite expensive, tell me about it. Plus they need extra care and attention when wearing and washing them. If not the Swarovski crystals, stud or bling-bling will starts to fall off, missing or turned dull. That is not what you want right... After spending so much money getting a pair of embellishments jeans I am sure you will want to keep it look like brand new and last.

Here are a few tips on How to Care for Embellished Jeans
There are a few simple procedures to follow to keep the original charm of your embellished jeans. The trick is to make sure both the fabric and the embellished ornamentation are properly handled during wash and storage.

• Read the fabric composition label – If the embellished ornament is sewn onto the jeans, it is advisable not to twist or wring the jeans. Natural fabrics should be washed in cold water to minimize shrinkage as this can cause the embellishment to loosen and alter the appearance of the embellishment. Do not leave the jeans soaking in water for a prolonged time.

• Decide on the wash technique – Care for your jeans by washing them on a gentle cycle in the washing machine, or put them in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase before washing to extend the life of the embellishments. However, it is better to hand wash or dry clean light weight or heavily embellished jeans.

• Choose mild detergent – Always use mild detergent or eco friendly laundry detergents whether washing with hands or machine washing. Do not let bleach come into contact with the embellishment. It is also important to prevent crystals or beads from coming in contact with hair spray or perfumes as these may dull the brilliance of the crystals and beads.

• Drying and post-wash care – Jeans are better hung to dry. Do not iron directly on the embellishment as heat can loosen the bond of heat fixed crystals and melt or break the sequins. Always use a press cloth while ironing, and if you must iron, do it inside out over the embellishment area.

• Storage – To prevent tangling and loosening of the beads and to prevent the crystals from dulling, it is better to fold the jeans in tissue paper or inside out and store flat.


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