My Hair Makeover by The Met Salon, Kuala Lumpur

I try many ways to rescue my dry and damaged long hair, after few attempts of treatments, trimmings and apply new hair care products it don’t really work out the way I want. My hair not behaving (bad hair days) sob sob. So I give up trying to rescue it. Perhaps a hair makeover would be good for me, I think I'm getting bored with my old hairstyle. New year, new look jeng jeng jeng...

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon at The Met Salon located at the ground floor President House at Park Royal Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Met Wayne Tan, the stylist, he looked at my hair and decided that I need to cut off all the damaged hair, color and highlight. Actually I wanted dip dye but he advised that my current hair condition better don't.     

This is my hair style before the makeover, dry, damaged and frizzy

Start with Redken Hair Cleansing Cream as my hair shampoo and followed by hair treatment using Redken Chemistry Shot Phix 5.5 Phix Phase and Redken Chemistry Shot Phase Real Control.

Ready to say goodbye to my old hairstyle - cut it off

Hightlight Redken ColorFushion code: 5Gr (Gold/Red)

Base Haircolor Redken ColorFushion ExtraLift code: EL-V Violet

My hair base color is Redken ColorFushion ExtraLift code: EL-V Violet and my hair highlight is Redken ColorFushion code: 5Gr (Gold/Red). 

Haircolor base Redken ColorFushion ExtraLift code: EL-V Violet

Hightlight Redken ColorFushion code: 5Gr (Gold/Red)

This new hair style is quite easy to care as I just need to apply hair serum every time after I shampoo and some light styling products will do. I feel my head so light. Hope that this hairstyle suits me and easy to maintain. 

After my Hair Makeover, what do you think? better?

 with Wayne Tan my stylist 

 hmm... perhaps I should use Redken Color Extend to maintain my hair color  

 Thanks Wayne and The Met Salon for this Hair Makeover

The Met Salon, Kuala Lumpur
Park Royal Hotel, 9, President House,
Ground Floor, Jln Sultan Ismail 2,
50250 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2148 1111


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    1. hi Lonely,

      thanks. hope its easy to maintain

      Sunshine Kelly

  2. OMG! You look like Japanese lady now!

    1. ya kah. hehehe thanks

      Sunshine Kelly

  3. Hye..nk tnya permenant rebonding+full highlight how much ya??


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