Review: SK-II Magic Ring Skin Analysis

Have you take your first step to crystal clear skin with this Magic Ring Skin Analysis by SK-II? You can visit any of the SK-II which has this Magic Ring machine. Skin analysis is important so that we can see and understand our skin conditions better with measurable results, not just by assuming. It helps to find the suitable skincare that our skin need, to improved our skin. Don’t worry I have check out and list the counters that has the Magic Ring with their contact number below for you, do call them for your complimentary skin analysis.  

SK-II Magic Ring skin analysis

The Magic Ring uses in-depth facial imaging and digital analysis where skin is graded and given an instant numerical score. This skin score is derived from quantifying and qualifying baseline conditions in the 5 Dimensions of Crystal Clear Skin:

5 dimensions of crystal clear skin

Texture Refinement: Skin texture conditions are analysed to determine smoothness, along with the pore’s total area scale by measuring concentric sebaceous gland on the cheek

Firmness Power: Skin firmness levels of the cheek skin, pore conditions and wrinkles of nasolabial folds -- better known as ‘laugh lines’ – are assessed. The Ageless Vector also provides further analysis of skin’s firmness and elasticity, based on the total amount of lines and angles of the skin in these three areas

Wrinkle Resilience: Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, where the thinnest and most sensitive area is, are measured based on total length to evaluate the level of skin wrinkles.

Spot Control: Spots and colour unevenness are analysed based on feature contrast and shape, before classification according to depth by spectrum constitution. Both visible spots seen by the eye as well as the hidden spots in the basal epidermal layer are picked up and calculated based on their total size.

Radiance Enhancement: Skin’s brilliance and brightness are evaluated by the reflection of the light upon skin’s surface and evenness in texture in terms of wrinkles, spots and dullness.

Denise helped me to do skin analysis using this Magic Ring machine during the SK-II briefing. Thanks :) The Magic Ring captures a close-up picture of the face with a digital camera.

face mapping

Step 1: scan one side of the face using the Magic Ring when the image appeared on the screen. Step 2: face mapping the areas that we want to analyze and calculate the results

This is my skin analysis result

This is my skin analysis result. Overall my average score is 66% its slightly above average and the results is quite balance. 66% so I still have a lot of room for improvements.  

Results are benchmarked against skin averages and skin scores of women of the same age, to reveal how well skin is doing in the five dimensions. 

Texture Refinement Dimension

Now I can there are so many open pores on my face especially on the cheek area. As you can see on the right bottom you can also find your skin age. My skin age is only 26 years old based on texture refinement dimension. Wow! so I am 26 years old woman  only hehehe ... :P

Firmness Power Dimension

For this dimension my score not that good. Means my skin began to sag especially on the side of my cheek, need firming or anti-aging skincare. My skin age is 32 years old for this dimension.

Wrinkle Resilience Dimension

Wrinkles and fine lines start to be more visible on my eye areas. The good about this skin analysis it also show where are the current wrinkles and also the future wrinkles that will be visible if we don't tackle the skin problem. 

Spot Control Dimension visible spots

The picture on the left are visible dark spots. If you look closer yes I have quite a lots of dark spots scattered around. Need higher SPF protection. 

Spot Control Dimension invisible spots

The picture on the left now showing me there are some more dark spot under my skin that are going to come out or be visible. Omg... I should start to vanish them before these spots surface. 

Radiance Enhancement Dimension

My skin radiance is on the average side, I still have dull and yellowish skin tone. Well, can be improve further as I am starting my Cellumination regimen soon. 

You can also measure and know your average skin age. I thought I am only 18 years old hehehe... sure or not? after this Magic Ring analysis, it shows that my skin is 31 years old... alamak! How about yours? 

Simulation Better skin condition

The simulation is the best feature. A simulation feature maps skin’s appearance when skin issues are improved or worsened. Now, I can see my skin in my better and worsened condition. The picture on the left is my current skin condition as compared to the picture of the right is my best / worst skin condition. That motivates me to be extra hardworking to everyday follow the full regimen instead of skip one or two step. 

Simulation Worsened skin condition

In just 5 to 10 minutes, the entire process delivers women with an in-depth skin analysis to help kickstart their skin transformation. The skin profiling device can analyze skin even with makeup on, eliminating the hassle of having to remove makeup at SK-II beauty.

These are the SK-II products that Denise suggest for my skin type. Its a complete skincare regime for day and night. SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Oil, Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, Cellumination Mask-In Lotion, Facial Treatment Essence, Cellumination Essence EX, Cellumination Deep Surge EX (for night) and Cellumination Day Surge UV (for day). Waa...    

You can go to these SK-II Counters that has Magic Ring Machine for your skin analysis:

PARKSON KLCC   contact: 012-6976352
ISETAN KLCC   contact: 012-6583625
PARKSON PAVILION   contact: 012-6786723
PARKSON BANDAR UTAMA   contact: 012-6956325
ISETAN BANDAR UTAMA contact: 017-3367427
ROBINSON MID VALLEY, KL   contact: 012-691 6723
AEON JUSCO TAMAN MALURI   contact: 012-678 2653
METROJAYA THE CURVE   contact: 012-670 2653
AEON JUSCO BUKIT TINGGI, KLANG  contact: 012-661 3562
AEON JUSCO MID VALLEY, KL   contact: 012-698 2635
METROJAYA MID VALLEY, KL   contact: 012-656 5362
SOGO KL   contact: 012-667 2532
AEON JUSCO BANDAR UTAMA   contact: 012-658 2635
PARKSON SUBANG PARADE   contact: 012-6717523
PARKSON SUNWAY PYRAMID   contact: 012-6943265
ISETAN GARDEN, KL   contact: 012-6993625
PARKSON SUNGAI WANG PLAZA   contact: 012-6572532
PARKSON THE MALL   contact: 012-6598523
PARKSON HOLIDAY PLAZA   contact: 012-6626325
PARKSON IPOH   contact: 012-6986352
AEON JUSCO IPOH   contact: 012-6962635
PARKSON SUNWAY CARNIVAL   contact: 012-6537523
METRO PLAZA PELANGI   contact: 012-6995263
SUNSHINE SQUARE, PENANG   contact: 012-6965632
AEON QUEENSBAY, PENANG   contact: 012-6752635
PARKSON GURNEY PLAZA, PENANG   contact: 012-6983562
PARKSON MAHKOTA PARADE, MELAKA   contact: 012-697 6023
AEON TEBRAU CITY, JOHOR   contact: 012-6755362
PARKSON EAST COAST MALL, KUANTAN    contact: 012-6905624
PARKSON 1 BORNEO, SABAH   contact: 012-6865367

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