Kopi Luwak at LonBay, The Farm’s Best Coffee, Paradigm Mall

I am a coffee addict… Everyday I must have at least a cup of coffee if not I am not awake. I have tasted and tried the Kopi Luwak at LonBay, The Farm’s Best Coffee that located on the ground floor of Paradigm Mall.

LonBay Kopi Luwak RM260 10g x 6 packs

Kopi Luwak / Civet Coffee is one of the world most expensive and low production coffee. It make form the bean of coffee berries which has been eaten by Asian Palm Civet and other related Civets, then passed through its digestive tract. 

The preparation of Kopi Luwak 
Each batch of Kopi Luwak is brewed in siphons using organically cultivated beans with certificate of authenticity and it can cater up to 2 person.

LonBay Kopi Luwak RM89.90 (for 250ml Siphon Brew)
This is strong and has acquired taste. First sip taste a little odd after 
the third sip I began to like it.

LonBay Drip Coffee Preparation

LonBay Iced Drip Coffee RM19.90
It can be served in two ways, warm or chilled. After trying the chilled one I 
still prefer Kopi Luwak. This is more bitter than Kopi Luwak.

LonBay Coffee Enzyme

LonBay Coffee Enzyme is extract from organic Liberica coffee bean. Well, it taste sourish slightly like vinegar and have strong lemony scent. Coffee Enzyme helps the body to digest food and converting it into nutrients and assimilate nutrients from proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fibre. Top it all, Lonbay Coffee Enzyme supplementation in our diets as below:-
  • Improves overall digestion so we have more energy for life
  • Aids in disease prevention and boosts the immune system
  • Minimizes the negative effects of the cancer therapies
  • Reduces the effects of aging, wrinkles, sun spots, inflammation or soreness of muscles and joint pain
  • Prevention of heart disease and speed healing after surgery
  • Cleanses our system from allergic reactions

Apart of LonBay Kopi Luwak, Iced Drip Coffee and Coffee Enzyme 
we also tried other food and beverages.

Honey Lemon with Coffee Enzyme
This is good for digestion and quench thirst

Milk Tea HK Style 
 Soothing milk tea, a little mild. I prefer stronger tea.

Lartigo Toast RM7.90
sausage, cheese sauce, mozzarella cheese and capsicum 

Maxicano Toast RM7.90
maxicano sauce, chicken ham, mozzarella cheese, tomato and capsicum

Taj Burger 

Club Sandwich RM7.90

Bolognese Seafood RM13.90

All Time Favourite Peanut & Butter RM2.50

American Chocolate Cake

Classic Cheese Cake 

Vahaha Smoothies (Fruits Milkshake) Mango 
 Mango Smoothies always taste good for me because I love mango

Vahaha Smoothies (Fruits Milkshake) Soursop  
I quite like this Soursop Smoothies, special, sweet, slight sourish and refreshing.

LonBay Flitter Coffee RM28

LonBay Raw Coffee Bean RM25 
Pork Free

Lonbay, The Farm Best Coffee
Lower Ground Floor, Paradigm Mall,
No.1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya , 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: 03-7887 5258
Operating Hours: 10am – 10.30pm 


  1. Still hard for me to accept drinking this haha

    1. Isabel, once a while is ok. its a bit strong though.

      Miss Sunshine

  2. I love coffee. How did the Milk Tea HK Style fared with our famous teh tarik?

    1. Hi Lann,

      our teh tarik has more foam and its creamer. Milk Tea HK Styles is mild and smooth. overall i still prefer teh tarik :)

      Miss Sunshine

  3. The Farm’s Best Coffee that located top espresso machines on the ground floor of Paradigm Mall.

  4. LonBay delivers unique coffee flavors by brewing its own exclusive brand of beans which are organically cultivated at farm in Johor. Detail at http://malaysiasfood.com/lonbay-the-farms-best-coffee/

  5. I am not awake. I have tasted and tried the Kopi delonghi esam3300 magnifica review Luwak at LonBay, The Farm’s Best Coffee that located on the ground floor of Paradigm Mall.

  6. Oh my God! That is a heavenly fiesta for me. I'm dying to have a bite of that Club Sandwich? Yummy treat!

  7. Kopi Luwak tastes really good but I wouldn't buy it regularly because the taste does not justify the price. When you buy it make sure that it is officially certified by WSPA, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ Certified.

  8. very nice coffee art and also those super duper delicious food!! yummy~~ Dean T. Emrich

  9. Best article ever Read Keep Publish this Kind of Guide



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