TWG Tea Miraculous Mandarin Chinese New Year Collection, 2013 The Year of Snake

Miraculous Mandarin Tea Scented Candle

2013 The Year of the Snake, a legendary symbol of knowledge and immortality, the serpent is a potent guardian of good fortune, health and vigour. Let’s welcome the Chinese New Year with the colour that wards off bad omens and the fragrance of sweet fruits that represents good luck for the future. This sensory feast of fresh tonalities of tea leaves, rare resins, warm spices and mythical blossoms bring to mind fond celebrations of family traditions. Miraculous Mandarin Tea Scented Candle, alluring notes of Miraculous Mandarin Tea perfect addition during these festivities. 

Miraculous Mandarin Tea in Caviar Tin

This modern twist to your customary Chinese New Year offerings of mandarin oranges brings an extra tinge of sweetness to reunions. A mélange of warm, rich black tea blended with the fresh tartness of orchard fruits and notes of delicate sweetness, the blend is a miraculous tea of delight. Miraculous Mandarin Tea packaged in a perfectly round Caviar Tea Tin.

Miracle Tea Set
Miraculous Mandarin Tea Scented Candle & 100 grams of 
Miraculous Mandarin Loose Tea in Saturn Tea Tin) 

The spectacular design and detailing of this majestic creature on each Sahara Teapot require weeks of precise handiwork by a master craftsman. The 18-carat gold Sahara Teapot boasts alluring green Swarovski crystal eyes, while the silver plated version has the same in red.

 TWG Tea Sahara Teapot & Teacup in Gold

TWG Tea Sahara Teapot & Teacup in Silver

Miraculous Mandarin Caviar Tin Tea contains 50 grams of loose leaf tea and is retailing at RM59. Miraculous Mandarin Tea Scented Candle is priced at RM349 and the Miracle Set retails at RM349. TWG Tea Sahara Teapot in Gold is priced at RM12,999, whereas the Sahara Teapot in Silver retails at RM11,399. Sahara Teacups & Saucers in Gold retail at RM1,209 and Sahara Teacups & Saucers in Silver retail at RM1,069.

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Source: TWG Tea


  1. I love tea!! :D I've never tasted TWG tea before (only tried their macarons) but I'm definitely going to try them one of these days. The snake teapot is gorgeous, but a bit scary too lol.

    1. yup the snake teapot is a piece of statement right


  2. nice tea cups~ wow, 12K for a teapot.. so expensive~ >.<~


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