Skinfood Watery Berry Skincare Range

Last few weeks I attended Skinfood, The Mines outlet Re-Launch. At the same time Skinfood also introduces their latest skincare Water Berry Range. This skincare range it is suitable for my dehydrated skin and I love the scent too.

This skincare range focus on hydration that deeply hydrates skin for soft, dewy complexion. The extract of wild berries (Arctic Raspberry, Cloudberry & Lingonberry) grown in cold harsh weather and hyaluronic acid delivers ample moisture and nutrients for soft youthful complexion.

Watery Berry Toner RM77.90
A dewy hydrate toner that turns skin into a soft, glowing complexion. Arctic berries deliver a myriad of nutrients including tannin, tocopherol and hyaluronic acid provides ample hydration.

Watery Berry Emulsion RM77.90
A dewy hydrate emulsion that replenishes nutrients to skin with various berry extracts. Hyaluronic acid is added to deeply hydrate and keep skin soft for hours.

Watery Berry Serum RM88.80
A dewy hydrate serum with vegetable oil complex capsules [grape seed oil, sunflower seed oil & camellia oil] that deeply moisturize and hydrate skin by promoting soft, glowing skin. Clinically proven to improve skin’s moisture by 31.8% after use. Skin analyzed 15 minutes after use. Results may vary depending on individuals.

Watery Berry Ampoule
A moisture synergy ampoule that gives skin all day glow with nutrient from artic berry and intense moisture in hyaluronic acid

Watery Berry Blending Cream RM88.80
A dewy hydrate cream that has a nourishing cream core in the clear gel-type moisture base. Custom-blend the two for your preferrence.
•Custom-blend the moisture gel and cream core
•Watery Berry Blending Cream combines two gel and cream for custom moisturization.

Watery Berry Eye Cream
A hydrating gel type eye cream that keeps delicate skin around our eyes soft and healthy with berry extract, hyaluronic acid and edenosin.  

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