My Kiss Me Doll Look

I tried to create the Doll Look like Japanese Model, Mai Miyagi in the Kiss Me Stylish False Eyelashes. These are the Kiss Me products that I have used to create my Doll Look. Before I started of course I have foundation and powder on first, plus eyebrow. The rest of the items are by Kiss Me.

Heavy Rotation Stylish Eyelash (#01 Doll Style)
Heavy Rotation Pure Color Gloss (#01 Dolly Pink)
Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheecks (#02 Cutie Pink)
Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N (#01 Jet Black)
Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer 

 Heavy Rotation Stylish Eyelash (#01 Doll Style)
Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer

I am not the girl who put on false eyelashes always. Or even you rarely see me using mascara. Reason is being I have sensitive eyes and I like to rub my eyes, I ruined my eye makeup easily. However, on and off I do apply mascara for evening occasions and false eyelashes on special days. I can’t deny that wearing false eyelashes really enhance my eyes. My eyes look bigger, more dramatic and define. 

I find that Kiss Me false eyelashes are soft, easy to bend and to stick on. I just apply a very thin line of Heroine Make Eyelash Fixer (glue) on the base of the eyelash strip. Wait a while for it to dry. When the glue turn color from milky white to clear that means is dry. Half close the eyes and attached the strip slightly above the lash base. My hand is shaking but still I can do it. Gently press the eyelashes to stick on the base from center to the both ends. There are 6 types Styling Eyelashes available: Baby, Pop, Pure, Doll, Rich, Natural Style. Each is RM 42.90.  

How to remove fake eyelashes
Pinch the base of the fake eyelashes and gently peel the strip off from the outer lid. If the glue remain of the lid do not rub it off, instead gently wipe it off using a cotton pad soaked with warm water.

Fake eyelashes after removal
Carefully and completely remove any glur left on the strips and return them to their case. If adhesives (eyelash fixer) are again applied to a roots, you can use them again and again.  

Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner N (#01 Jet Black)

This is water-proof eyeliner. It is resistant to tears, swaet, water and sebum. It can easily be removed with lukewarm water despite the long-lasting and water-proof effect. The Jet-black color adds greater definition to the eyes. It gives a darker color and accentuates the eye pupils. The ultra thin brush makes it easy to draw and glide on. I like this eyeliner, easy application, fast, long lasting and intense jet black. Is selling at RM 49.90. 

Heavy Rotation Creamy Cheek (#02 Cutie Pink)

This creamy cheek blusher is longer lasting compared to powder blusher. It looks natural blended well into my skin. This color give a very healthy glow. There are 3 colors available: #01 Baby Pink (whitish pastel pink), #02 Cutie Pink (vivid pink and slightly bluish feel) and #03 Peace Pink (yellowish-pink that blend well with natural skin tone). 

Heavy Rotation Pure Color Gloss (#01 Dolly Pink)

This lip gloss is moisturizing and very glossy. The color is almost sheer and gives me pouty lips. There are 4 colors available: #01 Dolly Pink, #02 Lady Pink, #03 Skinny Pink and #04 Shiney Pink.

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