MARAH: Malaysians Against Rape, Assault & snatcH

Are you MARAH / angry when you see, hear or some may have experienced this; 
be it snatch thief, flasher, assault, rape, kidnap and etc… 
I don’t feel safe anymore, even in day time, sigh…

Malaysians Against Rape, Assault, and snatcH (MARAH) are urging Malaysians to sign this petition to the Selangor State and Federal Governments of Malaysia. MARAH is strictly a non-political non-religious color blind citizen’s initiative who care enough to lobby for the safety of all Malaysians in general and females in particular. We are campaigning for safer car parks, safer streets, and the right to be safe in and outside our own homes.

To: Selangor State and Federal Governments of Malaysia

We will work with both the Selangor state and Federal governments of Malaysia to achieve our safety campaign objectives.

We will share info, tips and resources, name names, post pictures and videos and list the convicted perpetrators in our Hall Of Shame.

We will lobby for increased police patrols, protection and enforcement of existing laws against rapes, robberies, snatch thefts and abductions, particularly in shopping mall car parks.
You can sign the Petition HERE

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