An Electrifying Explosive Miyavi Live in Kuala Lumpur 2012 Concert at The Stage KL, Avenue K

What’s My Name?

It was an electrifying explosive Miyavi, the samurai guitarist concert at 
The Stage KL, Kuala Lumpur tonight.

My first encounter with Miyavi’s performance was at Tokyo Street 1st Anniversary Celebration on 23rd Jul. Immediately after his performance I was like amazeeed. Woahhhhh!!! He is talented, I love his slap style and energetic performance plus he took the effort to learn how to speak to his Malaysian fans in Malay. Best! I must go to his concert… MUST!!!

Koujee the beatboxer and Dennis Lau the electric violin 

Tonite 25th Jul is the night for Miyavi Live in Kuala Lumpur 2012 Concert! 

The opening performances at the concert were helmed by the beatboxer extraordinaire Koujee and the electric violin maestro Dennis Lau. The crowds were starting to feel the heat. 

The crowd roarrrring, clapping and jumping 

I managed to interviewed two girls who were at the utmost front row on Rock Zone, Lower Tier, they were at the venue since this morning in order to get the best spot and they were the first few to enter. Salute the die hard fans of Miyavi.


Miyavi kicked off his first song What’s My Name? Of course the crowd roared, cheered and shouted non stop. Followed by the rest of his hits everyone started jumping. As far as I love most of his songs like What’s My Name? Day 1, Torture, Gravity, Futuristic Love but there is one that I admire the most is Strong.

Everyone was screaming including myself for encore, encore, encore! We want more! Few minutes later Miyavi appeared with his encore the truly explosive “R U Ready To Rock?” Then set the crowd went wild and screaming when he took of his t-shirt. Everyone was like…

R U Ready To Rock?

Miyavi gave all out at his concert tonite. It was a good experience for me. 
I am still amazed by his guitar style and entire performance. 
I hope Miyavi will be back to Malaysia again…

Thanks to A Creation for the invitation and organizing 
Miyavi Live in Kuala Lumpur 2012”. 
It was fantastic!

Till then good nite friends...


  1. Miyavi was suuuper awesome last night. You did a really quick update!

    Can I please use some of your pics here?
    I promise will link back to you and keep your watermark

    1. Hi Nana, indeed it was a GREAT performance. I hope MIYAVI will come to Malaysia again. Yes you can use the pictures.

  2. Owh, Man!!! I didn't know!!!! If i known i have go to the LIVE.... So disappointed!!! (TT___TT)

    1. Hi KinaYume, hope that we will be back again next year. I will definately go again.


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