Benefit Raising Eyebrows by Cameron Tuttle Book Launch & Brow Mapping Masterclass

with Emmy and bloggers on a saturday morning :)

Well, usually I go to salon to trim my eyebrows, I have tried to do it myself several times but it turned out not balance or too thin… and it looked very odd ward and uglieee…  

Thanks to Benefit’s brow shaping workshop and also tips in Raising Eyebrows Book by Cameron Tuttle. I hope after this I can start to shape my brows myself yay. I also want to try Benefit Brow Waxing too.  

  at Raising Eyebrows Book Launch 

Raising Eyebrows is your personal guide to fabulous brows, the feminine power of wow! It’s the art of personal style that turns heads when you walk through an airport and draws attention when you enter a room. It is not just filled with tips and tricks for grooming your brows and keeping them looking great – it’s also packed with fascinating facts about why eyebrows are so important, plus fun, quirky bits from brow history and much more. 

 Raising Eyebrows by Cameron Tuttle Book

One of the favourite quotes by Cameron Tuttle
“Eyebrows are beauty secret weapons that allow you to offset other less-than-ideal features. By tweaking the starting point of your brows, you can trick the 
eye into seeing a more flattering view of you” 

 Before & After
for spare brows and bushy brows girls

Brow Shaping Basics
point a is the start of brow
point b is the highest point of the arch
point c is the end of the brow

 The Anatomy of a Brow

 Few rules of thumb to follow for What Nature Gave You and 
what are your Good Brow Plan verses Bad Brow Plan

 Must have Brow Tools
a) hard-angle brush: the best choice for applying brow wax & powder
b) brow brush: designed to help tame the brow hairs into the right shape
c) tweezers
d) fingertip

We use Brow Zings palette (Rm115) to shape our brows
This brow kit comes with all the tools you need for clean, smooth, perfect brows.  

 Benefir Brow Zings 

Complete kit includes pigmented wax for shaping, natural-shaded powder for setting, discreet tweezers, hard angle brush, blending brush, mirror and complete lesson. Available in 3 shades.

Steps: Dip the angled brush in your soft, pigmented wax. With smooth, angled strokes shape & define brows. Use the blending brush to apply your setting powder. This powder fills in sparse areas and locks brows in place. Got a stray hair? Pluck with your discreet tweezers.

Rane's was the benebabe of the day
As you can see on the Left is Before and on the Right is After. There are huge 
difference after the brow shaping. Eyes look bigger and more alert. 
Plus the face shape are lifted and slimmer.

 these are Brow Zings and the tools for brow shaping

  3 steps brow mapping 

 do it myself Brow Shaping using Brow Zings pallette with my shaky hand hehehe...

After the brow shaping, Emmy use High Brow (RM85) pencil to highlight. A brow lifting and enhancing pencil that instantly adds a lifted look to the entire eye area. The soft, matte linen-pink pencil looks beautiful on all skin tones. 

 Benefit High Brow

Steps: Apply underneath the eyebrows follow the arch. Blend lightly. 
For more definition add two dots above the arch and blend.  

  These are the tools and products required for brow waxing

The brow waxing begin… First, Emmy spread the warm pearl wax with wooden spatula, place the cloth on top of the wax, press gently, wait for few second and 123 pull ~ ouchh. The unwanted hairs came off. Repeat this steps area by area. After the waxing, nice, clean and smooth brow shape. I am going for my brow waxing soon... no pain right :)

Benefit’s Counter in Parkson Pavilion

After the event we all head over to Benefit’s Counter in Parkson Pavilion. Some of the bloggers did their brow waxing on that day, mine later will make appointment soon…

Benefit’s Brow Bar in Parkson Pavilion

Thanks to Benefit Malaysia for the invitation… 
nice to meet the Benefit's Team and also all the bloggers (benebabes) 
I love the Raising Eyebrows book :) 
~ muacks ~

with Emmy 

Benefit Brow Bar available at:
Parkson KLCC (Tel: 03- 2164 2187)
Parkson Pavillion (Tel: 03-2141 4601)
Parkson 1 Utama (Tel: 03-7725 3566)
Parkson Sunway (Tel: 03-5631 6300)
C&F KLIA (Tel: 03-8787 1491)

Have you visited Benefit's new Boutique at 1 Utama?

 Benefit Boutique 1 Utama Shopping Mall

The Raising Eyebrows by Cameron Tuttle Book is available in Amazon, Barns & Noble, at £16.90

For more information and updates visit
Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia Facebook Page


  1. Awww.... I also wanna learn!
    Pass me some tips next time kay? ;)

    1. Hi Charmaine, will show you the book when we meet. Remind me ya :)

  2. How about man? My eye brow almost missing already. Can raise without eye brow? #justasking

    1. Durianland, if your eye brow almost missing then use Brow Zings to add and shape it :)


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