My H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing Experience in Penang. Hennessy

Hennessy Artistry Party in Penang 2012 at Straits Quay Convention Centre (SQCC) marked the first Hennessy Trilogy explosive party for this year. There will be two more coming later this year. The H-Artistry Party in Penang was on 16th June. I woke up very early morning on that day to go KLIA, well managed to reach KLIA about 9am, met with other bloggers and media. Yes we were all on 1030am flight to the Penang. The schedule was pack and all the agenda were back to back.

My H-Artistry The Global Art of Mixing Experience in Penang. Hennessy

Once we reached Penang we headed straight to SQCC for lunch. Guess where we had lunch? … at Blue Reef Fish & Chips Restaurant, I ordered grilled cod yummmsss its fresh and juicy.

 Blue Reef Fish & Chips at SQCC, Penang

 my Grilled Cod Fish

After filling up our stomach, so what is next? yay its time to meet and greet the Hennessy Artists. To read more interesting stuff about the meet & greet session please go to my previous post Hennessy Artistry Penang 2012: Meet & Greet Hennessy Artists HERE 

 Group Photo: Meet & Greet Session with Hennessy Artists 

 Suki Low, Andy Moor, Lollipop F, Ernerst C and DJ Ramsey Westwood

Finally checked in G Hotel, Gurney, Penang around 4pm. The hotel is along Gurney Drive, I love the view… Got some rest and took a short nap. Then disturbed by my handphone alarm to wake up get ready. 6pm we gathered at hotel lobby and headed back to SQCC. Dinner was served at Hisago Japanese Reatsurant. 

 Hisago Japanese Restaurant, SQCC, Penang

 my Cod Fish Set 

After dinner around 8.30pm, so let’s the party begin… We were welcomed by pretty, sexy and friendly Hennessy Ambassadors at the Registration Area. H-Artistry Party… hello, would you like a drink? which mixer you love; Apple, Berry, Ginger and Soda? I like Apple my all time favourite :P 

We were the first few who tried the Hennessy 360 Cam on that day. The crowd started built up at 9pm. 

Pretty, Sexy and Friendly Hennessy Ambassadors

 with Carol and Ashley    

Welcome to Hennessy Artistry Party! Are you ready to rock Penang?

About 1030pm, Suki the first artist to performed that nite gave a thrilling opening. The highlight of the night was Lolipop F, the boy band Owodog, Fabien, Awayne & William. Everyone was screaming when they appeared on stage. Electrifying performance with energetic dance moves like some sort of stunts.

Hennessy 360 Cam Group Photo

Hennessy 360 Cam with Choulyin and Anna 

you enjoy Hennessy with Apple, Berry, Ginger, Soda, on the rock or neat?

 mixer Apple, Berry, Ginger and Soda

The crowd started built up at 9pm

Charmaine and her friends

Lollipop F 
[Photo: Credit to]

Energetic dance by Lollipop F 
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Fun Time
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Thanks! I had great time, fun and delightful memories
~ muacks ~

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