Gush Chase 2012 ~ Let's Go To San Francisco, USA with Gushcloud

Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube or Instagram? social media influencer? Do you wish to win an all expense paid trip 4D3N to San FranciscoUSA inclusive flights, accommodation and travelling allowance of USD120 per person. Not only that you get to cover the event on social media and interview The Cab, Hellogoodbye & Mayday Parade. Plus be featured on 9X a hip and alternative TV slot on TV9.

This is so cool…
so lets join the Gush Chase 2012
and Party in San Francisco, USA

What is Gushcloud? is a social discovery network that connects people to Gushworthy content and brands in a meaningful way and also as a platform that let us share your favorite stories with the world. It’s a fun, simple way to discover new stories you love, and get recognized for your awesome stories.

What is Gush 2012?
Gush 2012 is the worldwide launch party of Gushcloud, happening in a series of concerts in San Francisco, Singapore and Malaysia.

What is Gush Chase?
The Gush Chase is a competition across Singapore, Malaysia and Australia to select one social media influencer per country to cover the Gush 2012 San Francisco on 25 Aug 2012. It is 4000 people concert at Fort Mason, San Francisco with headline acts such as The Cab, Hellogoodbye & Mayday Parade. 2 local runner-ups will cover the Gush 2012 Malaysia concert. Headline act could be Boyce Avenue / Kimbra / Cobra Starship

Duration: 4 July – 6 August 
Result: 13th August 2012
1. All expense paid 4D3N for winner and his/her friend to San Francisco, inclusive of flights, accommodation and travelling allowance of 120USD per person.
2. Cover the event on social media and interview The Cab, Hellogoodbye & Mayday Parade.
3. Be featured on 9X – a hip and alternative TV slot on TV9.

Eligibility criteria:
1. You must be at least 14 years of age as of 25 August 2012.
2. Your must have an account on at least 3 of the following social media platforms:
- Instagram
- Youtube
- A blog
- Facebook
- Twitter

For more details, check out 
GUSH 2012 Website

How to join Gush Chase 2012?
It's easy and simple. Just follow these steps as shown below 

Step 1:
Sign up for an account on
(if you haven't!)

Step 2:
Complete the registration steps and Go to your "Profile" page.

Step 3 & 4:
Click on "Join the Gush Chase" and select either MUSICIAN or INFLUENCER
Influencer criteria: You have to have at least 3 of the social media platforms here - Instagram, Youtube, A blog, Facebook, Twitter.

Step 5:
Enter your details and click submit!! You are now officially registered for the 
Gush Chase 2012!

Step 6:
Also share the e-flyer to tell your friends about it! You can download it from

Step 7:
How to win? The more subscribers, the higher your chances of winning!
Get people to subscribe to follow your stories!

subscribe to me at

Step 8:
How to win? The more you gush, the higher your chances of winning!
What can you gush about?

How To Win Gush Chase 2012 For Influencers?

1: Number of posts you have
Start populating your Gushcloud account with interesting content, and be recognized for it. Keep gushing to get your score up!

2: Number of subscribers you have
Build your fan base on Gushcloud by getting your friends and supporters to subscribe to you. Be sure to get the word out that you're participating in The Gush Chase.

3: Number of gushes you get
Put your best material on Gushcloud, whether a blog post, vlog post or picture, and get subscribers to gush about your content!

Of course, the more gushes you share the higher chances of winning.

Let's join Gush Chase now and get busy! 
Let's Gush! Gush! Gush! 

Please subscribe to my Gushcloud  here 

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