Bare is Beautiful so Let’s Get Naked with Dermalogica

Ladies, do you dare to go out without any makeup on? Err… I know that some ladies go out without makeup, some must have heavy makeup with lots of concealer to cover up but many would prefer at least a little or light makeup. 

Let’s Get Naked because Bare is the New Beautiful
Great skin has nothing to hide

Are we liberal and confidence enough to accept the simple truth of bareness by first removing the think layers of make-up and impurities on our face? Allowing our true skin health to shine. With Dermalogica Malaysia latest Get Naked campaign, ladies you don’t have to always shy away from nakedness. 

After the Face Mapping Analysis, we proceed to the Skin Bar to try out the products

Dermalogica is a US-based skin care brand has “7-No” Rules – say no to artificial colours, no synthetic fragrance, no SD Alcohol, no lanolin, no mineral, no formaldehyde and non-comedogenic (pore-clogging) ingredients.

At the launch of "Get Naked" Campaign by Dermalogica Malaysia

From left: Steve Yap, Joanne Yew, Charlotte Brockett, Roderick Chieng, 
Farah Nabilah and Thanaju Ananthan 

Guests and media

Mr. Roderick Chieng, CEO of EIG Bhd

“By challenging consumers to go barefaced, Dermalogica aims to lessen their dependency on superficial beauty achieved by cosmetic products and draw confidence instead from good skin health that needs no hiding,” said Roderick Chieng, CEO of EIG Bhd, distributor of Dermalogica products in Malaysia.

Ms. Charlotte Brockett, International Sr Traning Specialist

Meet the four Get Naked campaign local celebrities as brand ambassadors,  Joanne Yew, Farah Nabilah, Steve Yap and Thanaju Ananthan. They share about their skin woes and how they take care of their skin. 

Fron left: Steve Yap, Joanne Yew, Thanaju Ananthan, Farah Nabilah and Emcee


Face Mapping Analysis is to divides the face into 14 different zones to indentify which part needs remedy. Dermalogica professional then can recommend suitable solutions to optimize our skin health results. 

Along with ace Mapping Analysis, Dermalogica microZone treatment also targets specific conditions on one’s skin. Gives your face a quick flash exfoliation, fixing skin problems in a snap. 

 Dermalogica’s Skin Bar mobile truck ~ The “Naked Wheels”

From July 1 onwards, Dermalogica’s Skin Bar mobile truck dubbed “Naked Wheels” will be touring around the nation. You can easily pop by the mobile Skin Bar for your free Face Mapping Analysis to understand your skin’s needs and find out the solution that targets the your complexion woes.

From left: Thanaju AnanthanJoanne Yew,  Farah Nabilah, Roderick Chieng, 
Charlotte Brockett and Steve Yap at the The “Naked Wheels”

You can join Dermalogica’s Get Naked movement for your total skin health that needs no cover-up anymore. Find out when the Naked Wheels will be coming to your neighbourhood by logging on to…

Dermalogica Malaysia Facebook Page 

For further information, please visit Dermalogica Malaysia Website

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